Talking Street’s very first Food Fest!

There’s something utterly delightful about having the best of local food come together in one place in the form of a food festival. To put it very simply, it implies that we can eat to our heart’s content in one evening, what would otherwise take several days of visiting different places. It implies trying dishes that we haven’t sometimes heard of, or dishes that we didn’t know where to find. It implies that every single food item we pick is incredibly delicious, leaving us wondering how to expand our stomachs to take in all the delectable food on offer.

This was the intent when Talking Street set about organizing the Monsoon Food Fest in Diamond District. The event, scheduled for Friday, 15th of July 2016, came together beautifully with the rain gods playing compliant and all the food vendors from across Bangalore congregating to offer their specialty food items to the folks at Diamond District. Each of the stalls was set up with a lot of enthusiasm and care, to offer only the best of food in every serving.

Here’s a descriptive photo story of the entire event, including enticing images of the food available. Don’t blame us if you develop cravings for some of these dishes, they are truly craving-worthy!

There were nine very interesting stalls, from across Bangalore, each of them serving unique food. Most of these eateries have been around for decades and have extremely loyal customers. No surprises then, that the food they served at the Food Fest had people raving and lining up for additional helpings! Here are the details in the form of a photo story.

Ganesh Chaats:

Ganesh Chaats is an 18-year-old eatery located in V.V Puram, Bangalore. The vendor is super innovative and creatively stitches all the ingredients of the dish together to make it absolutely irresistable. His chaats are imbibed with the rich taste of South Indian snacks, making them traditionally bound and creatively extravagant. His dishes include Bun Nippat, Floating Pani-puri, Golden Fingers etc..

Ganesh Chaats
Ganesh Chaat: Description of the owner
DD Foodfest 14
Ganesh Chaat: Grated carrot filling
Ganesh Chaat: Karnataka Chaat
DD Foodfest 13
Ganesh Chaat: Congress Masala
DD Foodfest 15
Ganesh Chaat: Sev
DD Foodfest 12
Ganesh Chaat

Bhajji Stall:

Shivkumar’s Bhajji stall is known to anyone and everyone residing in the Gandhi Bazaar area of Bangalore. Sweet, humble, and very firm on the quality of food served, Shivkumar is the third generation of this popular Bhajji stall and he feels that this is his calling; he cannot think of any better way to serve people and make them happy. The Bhajjis during the Fest were freshly made and topped with  grated carrots and onions. A squeeze of lemon and a dash of spice gave the sizzling hot Bhajji a yummy, tangy taste.

Bhajji stall
Shivkumar Bhajji stall: Description of the owner
TS Food Fest_013
Shivkumar Bhajji stall: Mirchi Bhajji
TS Food Fest_012
Shivkumar Bhajji stall: Capsicum Bhajji
TS Food Fest_011
Shivkumar Bhajji stall

Mumbai Pav Bhaji: 

Who doesn’t love Pav Bhaji? The ultimately buttery pav matched with sizzling hot and oh-so-delicious potato and tomato gravy, this is the perfect snack for many. And that’s what Ranga (the owner) provides. A simple, happy man, Ranga is overjoyed when his customers are satisfied with his food and come back for more. This, according to him, is what keeps him going.

Mumbai Pav Bhaji
Mumbai Pav Bhaji: Description of the owner
DD Foodfest 17
Mumbai Pav Bhaji: Sizzling butter
TS Food Fest_032
Mumbai Pav Bhaji: Bhaji
DD Foodfest 19
Mumbai Pav Bhaji: Pav

RR’s Blue Mount:

The extremely calm and content couple, Mini and Raju, are the owners of RR’s Blue Mount. As individuals, they seem to have understood what brings them joy and make sure that they do exactly that every day: cooking up delicious food and serving it at very affordable prices. At the Food Fest, they served some of the yummiest Mexican and Continental snacks. Their Mexican chaat, a layer of home-made nachos, mashy red beans and salted, melted cheese, is their flagship dish. Visitors to the festival digged into repeat servings of this along with the delicious red sauce pasta, and Boat (minced meat on a croquette).

RR's Blue Mount
RR's Blue Mount: Description of the owner
TS Food Fest_026
RR's Blue Mount: Pasta
TS Food Fest_029
RR's Blue Mount: Mexican Chaat
TS Food Fest_025
RR's Blue Mount: Boat

Khan Saheb:

Khan Saheb served soft, succulent kebabs straight off their coal-fired oven. Wrapped in roti in the form of a roll or served just as kebabs, visitors enjoyed Khan Saheb’s offerings. Khan Saheb specializes in serving traditional charcoal-grilled rolls, kebabs, and tikkis. The windy evening, added to the joy of eating the sizzling, melt-in-your-mouth kebabs and rolls.

Khan Sahib
Khan Saheb: Description of the owner
DD Foodfest 7
Khan Saheb: Kebab
DD Foodfest 25
Khan Saheb
TS Food Fest_021
Khan Saheb: Chicken Kebab
TS Food Fest_019
Khan Saheb: Kebabs
DD Foodfest 30
Khan Saheb: Roll

Parantha Plaza:

A food festival is perhaps incomplete without including some traditional Punjabi fare. That’s exactly what Parantha Plaza does best. Besides serving the best aloo paranthas and some other varieties of paranthasthey also served perfectly done Gulab Jamun and freshly-made samosas. The Parantha Plaza stall saw a lot of traffic around dinner time once everyone was done eating the snacky starters on offer.

Parantha Plaza
Parantha Plaza: Description of the owner
TS Food Fest_018
Parantha Plaza: Samosa
TS Food Fest_014
Parantha Plaza: Aloo Parantha
TS Food Fest_017
Parantha Plaza: Gulab Jamoon

99 Variety Dosa:

Among the latest street food trends in Bangalore is the 99-variety Dosa stall. An import from Mumbai, this version of the humble dosa takes it for an innovative spin with interesting ingredients as fillings – there are various options such as the Schezwan Noodle dosa or the paneer bhurji dosa or the Kolhapuri cheese dosa. Dharma, the owner of the stall, learnt the art of blending different spices and vegetables to create unique flavours in Mumbai and moved to Bangalore to set up his Dosa van 5 years ago.

99 variety dosa
99 Variety Dosa: Description of the owner
08-Sri Sai Durga 99 Variety Dosa- Flavour Varieties- Domlur- Bangalore
99 Variety Dosa: Ingredients
99 Variety Dosa: Preparation of Dosa
99 Variety Dosa

Chand’s Cake stall:

Cupcakes, Muffins, Tarts and a whole lot of other bakery goodies served with a smile. Chand’s stall was sold out very early with many people making a beeline for the melt-in-the-mouth cupcakes, flavourful cakes and tangy, lemony tarts.

Chand's Cake stall: Description of the owner
TS Food Fest_046
Chand's Cake stall: Pastries
TS Food Fest_003
Chand's Cake stall: Chand, the owner
TS Food Fest_009
Chand's Cake stall: Chocolate chip cookies
TS Food Fest_008
TS Food Fest_004
Chand's Cake stall: Cup cakes

Sharon Tea stall:

Sharon Tea is a simple stall serving perfectly brewed and flavoured teas of many varieties. Daniel, a humble, hard-working gentleman is the mind and work behind Sharon Tea stall. It opened in 2007, and since then there has been no looking back. Hibiscus tea, Thulasi tea, Chukku coffee are some of the many beverages that make this place a raging hit among people of all ages.

Sharon tea
Sharon Tea stall: Description of the owner
DD Foodfest 31
Sharon Tea stall: Tea in the making
DD Foodfest 51
Sharon Tea stall: Hibiscus tea
DD Foodfest 49
Sharon Tea stall: Chukku Coffee

Here are a few more pictures of the Monsoon Food Fest. The crowd of food lovers were spectacular and very enthusiastic and eager to taste the different foods that were put out.

DD Foodfest 19
TS Food Fest_035( Happy_Folk2)
TS Food Fest_023
DD Foodfest 16
TS Food Fest_011
DD Foodfest 27
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