7 kinds of street food lovers one will find everywhere

The love for street food comes in various packages and kinds. Why? Every street has them wandering about, having an ultimate street food spree – all in their own terms and conditions (or with none at all!) Here are 7 of the quirky, happy, wonderful sets of people who are likely to be found wandering on the streets, standing around carts right now – of which you and I are most certainly a part of!


They frequent the streets. They eat street food all the time – to an extent of sustaining on street food in the place of proper meals for months. Because they’re in love with the food from the streets – to an extent of justifying it, and luring other people onto the streets as well! They are excellent companions for street food sprees, because they know everything that one needs to know about a particular area’s street food – inside out.


They eat, eat and eat – anything, everything on the streets. There is no stopping them. If there are people who know all the street food vendors of an area, and who all of them know, it is these. They eat when they’re happy, sad, upset, bored or when not feeling anything at all (Hunger does not count!). But no, they are not all-timers – streets aren’t the only place where they eat so much!


They are people who can walk, run, drive or swim for hours to find the newly opened outlet that they have just heard about. They make it a point to visit it, eat everything that the place has to offer. Things like these are usually the first on their to-do list. The resolute ones can easily be one’s street food guide, because they know the best in terms of street food!


Here are the perfectionists, in terms of how the food is made, how it is presented, and so on; and has a comment to make on everything the vendor does. They act as both a friend and a foe to the vendor – making him/her realise his mistakes, if there are any. For most vendors, the critics are angels in disguise, most of the time.


They are the ones that ALWAYS carry a hand sanitizer in the pocket or a purse. They are strict about the hygiene factor – eat only at the cleanest, most hygienic of places on the street, and do NOT step in to a cart that is super famous for the food but does not use mineral water.


They know good street food joints, they hang out with their friends often, but they move around with one condition – they do not share food. Usually called the ‘Joey Tribbianis’ of a circle of friends, they love their plate of food, and with the undying love comes possessiveness for the same!


Street food only meant outdoor dining for them, until now. They have just been introduced to the real food from the streets. Their friend circle includes one person (at the least) from the groups mentioned above – most definitely an all-timer. Overwhelmed, struck in awe, with a few remarks about street and street food that we street foodies wouldn’t really appreciate, their magical journey is about to begin!

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