A College Student’s Food Guide To Vile Parle (Part 1)

At a Glance: Where and What to eat on a food walk through Vile Parle

Vile Parle, is a suburb in Mumbai and the name “Vile Parle” has been derived from the names of two small but old temples: Virleshwar and Parleshwar. It serves as the location of the first ‘Parle’ factory.  In fact, the brand actually derived its name from this suburb and has been famous ever since. It is a neighbourhood and also the name of the railway station in West Mumbai.

Vile Parle has a significantly strong base of Marathi and Gujarati population and is a hub of cultural activities throughout the year. Added to this fact, there are numerous schools and colleges in this particular zone and hence, it is pretty much the reason why this area is a paradise for foodies, especially the college teenagers! Not only does this area offer a large variety of South-Indian, North-Indian and Continental fares, it also ensures that these joints are quite pocket-friendly and gives a vegetarian delight to the college students.

Here is a food guide with some of the most popular street food and eateries that offer vegetarian fare in Vile Parle, complete with recommendations for dishes that must be given a try!

Some pointers to guide while visiting Vile Parle for a square meal experience:

  1. Take a train to Vile Parle Station from either the harbour route or the western route. Get down towards the west and enjoy the feast!
  2. If you wish to travel by road, then it is advisable to park your car on the S.V. Road and enter the station road by foot, given that it is a one-way lane and traffic is an issue almost throughout the day. 
  3. You can walk down the food trail and enjoy it with a group of 6-8 foodie friends, who do not mind sharing food!
  4. The Maruti Pav Bhaji is the only stall, among others, that opens during the evening i.e. after 6 PM.

Lucky Pizza and Sandwich Corner:

A few steps from Vile Parle station towards S.V. Road, one can find quite a good crowd across a small eatery below the skywalk towards the right with a number of awards hung over its wall. College students love having bites of pizzas and sandwiches as it has become one of their favourite dishes, especially in the fast life of Mumbai where one relies more on fast-food. This small local eatery serves one of the best sandwiches in the area. Taste the special masala with cheese, mayonnaise, Schezwan noodles and the crunch of fresh cabbage that they provide here!

Since it is well-known among the college students as well as the localites for serving delicious snacks, the time given to wait for the order to be ready is absolutely worth it.

Best For: Cheese Chilli Grill    Also Try: Veg Mini Pizza

Cheese Chilli Grill (Credit: Indianstreetfood)

Cheese Zone

A further few steps from Lucky Pizza and Sandwich Corner, this place is one of the best cheese-specialist eatery in the town. As the name suggests, Cheese Zone is a haven for people who crave for cheese. The tempting cheese bursting in the mouth in almost every dish ordered here is an amazing treat for cheese lovers! From Sandwiches to Dosas, Pizzas to Pastas or Pav-bhaji to Pulaav, everything is made with cheese in it. The spicy Cheese Chinese Bhel – a combination of melted cheese and Indian spices, and the Cheese Corn balls here come highly recommended. But if one wants to suffice their stomach in a little span of time, the Cheese Zone Club Sandwich is advisable and enjoy their cheesy fingers in the aftermath!

Best For: Cheese Zone Club Sandwich    Also Try: Cheese Corn Balls

Cheese Corn Balls at Cheese Zone (Credits: Rashtradarpan)

Soda Shop

This small food corner near the McDonald’s, serving great bread rolls with different types of flavors and sauces, attracts college students in huge numbers for a snack-time. Alongwith a wide variety of veg rolls, this shop also offers different flavors of Soda like Masala Soda, Orange Soda and many more with a Soda Machine set in the corner. Starting on a small-scale, now this stall has become famous as the students prefer spending their free time in groups beside the Soda Shop. Try out the sizzling Schezwan Vegetable roll with a cold lemon soda for a refreshing treat.

Best For: Vegetable Roll, Schezwan Roll    Also Try: Masala Soda, Lemon Soda

Veg Roll (Credits: travenix)

Maruti Pav Bhaji

Taking a little diversion from the Station Road towards the lane on the right leads to this iconic landmark which has been a family business for years – the Maruti Pav Bhaji. It is more famous by the name ‘Khada Pav Bhaji Waala’, because of its unique innovation to the normal pav-bhaji. It not only famous among the localities of Vile Parle, but also among people in other parts of Mumbai who drive here to have this special Pav bhaji. It opens at 6 in the evening and continues its services till late night, and thus happens to be an adda for the youths.

Even with a very limited menu, this eatery has earned a huge name. It is best known for ‘Khada Pav Bhaji’ or ‘Black / Kaali Pav Bhaji’, prepared with a hint of black pepper, which is a unique pav bhaji specialty. I don’t really know how it works, because the idea of black pepper with pav bhaji doesn’t go that well, but as soon as I took the first bite, I realised why it is so special. In the first look, it does not give an appealing look to the eye, but is surely a treat to the taste buds and one starts loving it more with every single bite! The sizzle of the butter used while preparing the bhaji on the tava increases the temptation and hunger by many folds.

Best For: Kaali Pav Bhaji    Also Try: Maruti Pav Bhaji

Kaala Pav Bhaji at Maruti Pav Bhaji (Credits: Mulpix)

NM Frankie Stall

This ever crowded Frankie stall near NM College is a hub for college students. Two vendors selling delicious varieties of Frankies on a small table-like structure has earned great reputation over the years. NM Frankie Stall is one of the best in its business as it serves rotis treated in butter filled with vegetables, cheese and paste (made with different types of sauces).

There are over 20 varieties of Frankies available here with different vegetables and sauces. While Cheese-Mayonnaise always forms an amazing blend together, the Schezwan Frankie here is simply delicious and worth a try! The way these people prepare the Frankies and make them look so tempting is surely an art and something quite appreciable.

Best For: Cheese Mayonnaise Frankie, Noodles Manchurian Frankie    Also Try: Schezwan Cheese Frankie

Schezwan Noodles Frankie at NM Frankie (Credits: Pictaram)
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