A College Student’s Food Guide To Vile Parle (Part 2)

At a Glance: Where and What to eat on a food walk through Vile Parle

Mumbai food has the power of being addictive. From personal experience, it has the ability to incite deep cravings when it is not accessible, such as when I travel out of the city. While there are favourite eateries across the city, among my top localities for food will always be Vile Parle West. Vile Parle plays host to four of India’s top colleges – The Mithibai College, NM College, NMIMS and DJ Sanghvi Engineering College. So it would come as no surprise that there are a wide variety of eateries that serve delicious food to all the college students. Being a student, this has been a much-loved hangout zone over the past few years. Infact, the list of my favourites was too long to come together in a single post. Here’s the first part – Vile Parle Food Trail Part 1. What follows below is the second part of this food trail.

The Anand Stall

Established back in 1982, The Anand Stall has added spice to the lives of the college students and residents nearby over the past four decades. Perhaps, it won’t be to wrong to claim that people travel across the city to feast on the food here. At breakfast, the eatery serves its popular Maska Vada Pav. While the vada pav has gone seen a lot of variations and creative versions over the years, The Anand Stall has added his own variant with ‘maska’or butter. The pav is thus buttered, slathered with a pudina chutney, sprinkled with a dry peanut-garlic chutney and finally doused with a little lemon juice mixed with chilli powder. A crunchy, flavourful vada with the right hint of spice is wrapped in the pav making it a gastronomically delightful combo. They also have an option with cheese or a spicy version with schezwan, should you prefer it that way.

Vada-pav at Anand Stall (Credits: Mid-day)

Gayatri Sandwich and Soda Stall

Gayatri Sandwich and Soda Stall is a tough competitor to Lucky Sandwich ,covered in the first trail. Located right opposite Mithibai college, a short distance away from NM College, Gayatri Sandwich is the solution to hunger of hundreds of students every day. With a huge variety of sandwiches in its armoury, it has something for every mood. The Schezwan Cheese Sandwich or Cheese Mayonnaise Grill Sandwich are the best-selling sandwiches. Couple them with a soda and it makes for a perfect meal at any time of day.

Grilled Sandwich at Gayatri Sandwich Stall (Credits: TimesofIndia)

The Dosa Stall

A small vendor selling dosas opposite to NM College has created a mark for himself by serving unique versions of dosas that are loved by the students as well as residents of Vile Parle. A stone’s throw away from Gayatri Sandwich, it actually does not have a name. But ask anyone for directions to the famous dosa shop, and you’ll find yourself here.

The vendor is known for his innovative creations such as the ‘Jini Dosa’, ‘Pav Bhaji Dosa’ and ‘Chocolate Dosa’. While these unique dosas are a highlight, he has managed to add a new dimension to the usual dosa as well by adding a specially made tomato-based chutney to all the dosas. The crisp dosas filled with this special chutney and a tangy potato masala, is served with a generous helping of cheese on top. Personally, the Jini Dosa served here happens to be by far the best dosa I’ve had!

Dosa at The Dosa Stall (Credits: Zomato)

The VJ Cafe

The VJ Cafe is known for the variety of French fries that it serves. The eatery is a short five minute walk from the Dosa Stall. Best known for its Pizza Pasta fries or Cheese Chilly fries, it also has more exciting flavours such as Cheese Mayonnaise Fries or Cheese Schezwan Fries. Apart from the long fries menu that it is known for, VJ Cafe also has a variety of starters, desserts and drinks. The sinfully delightful Red Velvet Milkshake comes hugely recommended. This is among the most popular stalls for western fast food in this area.

Pizza Fries at The VJ Cafe

Amar Juice Centre

As early as 10 in the morning or as late as at 2 in the night, Amar Juice Centre is a favourite hand-out place for the youth, across Mumbai. Given its timings it is known as the place to head to for late night food binges. The aroma of the buttery pav bhaji with chatpatti (spicy and tangy) bhaji and soft butter-laden pavs is extremely tempting. The piping hot dish is perfect on any day, but is especially relished on a cool wintery night. It also serves a wide range of fresh juices to complement the spicy pav bhaji.

Cheese Pav Bhaji at Amar Juice Centre (Credits: Imgrum)
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