A photo guide to eating on JNC Road, Koramangala

JNC Road in Koramangala’s happening 5th block is a students haven. From apparel and accessory outlets to street food vendor, small eateries and hangout cafes, it is a perfect place to spend a few hours. And eat some superlative food. From Pani puri and bhel puri just outside the college gate to Tibetan and Chinese at simple eateries, from all forms of coffee at Hatti Kaapi to nutella-smeared pancakes and waffles at Hole Lotta Love, there are all sorts of food experiences to be had in this small lane.

Sukha puri and pani puri at Pani Puri outside JNC, Koramangala
Pani Puri (Sandeep)-Sukha Puri-Koramangala-Bangalore
Coffee at Hatti Kaapi
Hatti Kaapi - Hot Coffee - Koramangala - Bangalore
Masala Peanut Bun at Hatti Kaapi
Hatti Kaapi - Masala Peanut Bun - Koramangala - Bangalore
Shaptak, ting mo and honey garlic potatoes at Khawa Karpo– Little Tibet
Khawa Karpo - Chicken Thukpa - Koramangala - Bangalore
Pancakes and Waffles at A Hole Lotta Love
Hole Lotta Love - Waffle 1 - Koramangala - Bangalore
Fresh Juice at Juice Junction
Juice Junction - Grape Juice - Koramangala - Bangalore
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