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Mutton Paya, Sheekha Kebab, Seviyan, Beef Kebab

Shivaji Nagar
Sultanji Gunta Road, Sulthangunta, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051, India

With Russell Market to the right, cross the junction and head to the lane next to the slaughterhouse. This entire lane is full of kebab shops that especially come to life in the evenings. About 25 m into this lane, Abdul Lateef Paya Shop will be to your right. The road is called Sultanji Gunta Road in Shivajinagar.


This 50 year old outlet is one of the oldest in Shivaji Nagar, famous for its delicious Paya cooked overnight. Paya is a soup like dish - made of cow, goat, or sheep meat and spices - slow cooked under steam during the night and served for break-fast usually. Retaining the old Bangalore market-place charm, Abdul Lateef Paya Shop comes highly recommended by regular customers who have been sampling their food for the last many years. In addition to serving Mutton Paya and Seviyan during mornings, they also sell different kinds of Kebabs and meat chops during the evenings, such as veal kebabs and green chilli kebabs.
(Note: This shop is not located in the most neat of locations - it is right next to the slaughterhouse in Shivaji Nagar.)

Special Information

  • Highly recommended for non-veg freaks.
  • The vendors are kind and friendly, always happy to chat.
  • Please note that there no vegetarian item on their menu.
  • Not in the neatest of locations, the hygiene standards might not meet expectations.

Other information

Seating: Unavailable

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