An Evening Exploring The Delicacies Of Majnu Ka Tilla

At a glance: Where And What To Eat In Majnu Ka Tilla

  • Street Stalls: Barbecue Dishes
  • Dolma House: Mutton Momo, Thukpa, Yenthuk
  • Ama Cafe: Sandwiches, Pancakes, Tibetan Desserts
  • Rigo Restaurant: Khowseuy, Shabalay, Lamb Roast, Devil Momo
  • Hornbill: Smoked Pork, Pork Curry with Bamboo Shoot
  • Ama Thakali: Nepali Thali
  • Tee Dee: Buff Chilly, Tingmo, Pork Ribs, Shapta


If you’re travelling by metro, then you need to get down at Vidhan Sabha Metro Station.

Board an auto – rickshaw that is heading towards Majnu Ka Tilla. You’ll have plenty of them waiting right outside the metro station. (The ride costs a meagre 30 bucks)

Few Pointers To Keep In Mind:

  • The auto will drop you off across the road. Prefer to use the foot-bridge while crossing the road to enter Majnu Ka Tilla. As cars go for a ‘need for speed’ rush here.
  • Wednesdays are purely vegetarian for the Tibetans in Majnu Ka Tilla. So, non-vegetarian lovers don’t be surprised and make a note of it as all the eateries refuse to serve meat.
  • Dwellers in Majnu Ka Tilla are very particular about their private space, even in public. So, while clicking pictures of different dishes, DO NOT forget to ask for a permission!

The Tibetan Refugee Camp at Majnu Ka Tilla is a great choice for a quiet, peaceful evening out. The air, redolent with the prayers flowing from the Buddhist prayer flags hung all over the camp, the gently ringing temple bells, and the joyful, smiling faces lend it a serenity that is rare to find in a metropolis. Add to that the delicious food on offer complete with a wide variety of cuisines, and you have the perfect concoction for happy time.

Here’s a list of some of the best restaurants along with their most popular dishes that MKT, as it is endearingly referred to, houses, across cuisines.

Street Stalls

As you walk through the narrow lanes of the bustling market inside the camp and enter the temple area, an array of stalls offering various barbecued and fried meat dishes, welcomes you. From Chicken to Pork to Buff – all dishes served here are immensely delicious. All the stalls have their own, signature barbecue sauce which makes each dish unique. Fried dishes with Pok-choi (spinach) are also served as add-ons.

Street Stalls-Majnu ka Tilla-Delhi (2)
A Stall in Majnu ka Tilla

Dolma House

For big, juicy and filling Mutton Momos (you can literally feel them melting in your mouth), head to Dolma House situated right in the middle of the market place. The service may be a tad slow as it attracts many hungry foodies. The quality, however, is never compromised. The mutton filling is sublime, perfectly cooked and flavorsome. Other must-try dishes include the popular Tibetan Thukpa (noodle soup) and Yenthuk (flat noodle soup).

Momos - Tea Brew - Domlur - Bangalore
Momos at Dolma House

Ama Cafe

The street-side delicacies done, the calm-inducing Ama Café could be you next stop. A few blocks away from Dolma House, this café has ritually kept the idea of a coffee house intact. So expect to see people spending quality time with friends or reading by themselves for hours, without being pushed to order something or being asked to leave. Its breakfast menu is expansive but then who says that fluffy banana pancakes, topped with butter and maple syrup, cannot be enjoyed as scrumptious dessert at any time of the day. Other can’t-stop-raving-about-them desserts include creamy Red Velvet Pastry, Blueberry Cheesecake or the tangy Tibetan Cheesecake, Thu.

Ama Cafe-Banana Pancakes-Majnu ka Tilla-Delhi-hangouts (2)
Banana Pancakes at Ama Cafe (Credits: hangouts)

Rigo Restaurant

Rigo Restaurant is one of the ‘old is gold’ stories of MKT. If you want to pep up your taste buds with some really authentic Tibetan cuisine in a warm, comfortable restaurant, Rigo Restaurant is the place to go. It serves the best ‘Shaphalay’, a beautifully crafted fried beef pie. The filling has a mixture of minced Beef, pok-choi, garlic and ginger. Slightly on the spicier side, it is a delicious. The ‘Khowseuy’, perhaps, is the magnum opus of this restaurant. This noodle-based dish of Burmese-origin is like a soup with vegetables, coconut milk and an array of toppings including caramelized onions, burnt garlic, peanuts, finely chopped spring onions, and a squeeze of lemon. The contrasting flavours – spicy, tangy and sweet – make for a heart-warming gastronomical experience.

Other dishes that are worth a shot are the Devil Beef Momo, the Lamb Roast and Butter Tea.

Rigo Restaurant-Devil Momos-Majnu ka Tilla-Delhi-hangouts (2)
Devil Momos at Rigo Restaurant (Credits: hangouts)

Hornbil Restaurant

Hornbil is famous for its healthy and piping hot Naga food. Naga cuisine comprises mostly of boiled and smoky dishes and this restaurant keeps the ‘delicious’ quotient intact without compromising on the ‘masala-less’ tag. The Smoked Pork and the Pork Curry with Bamboo Shoot are the show-stoppers on the menu. Succulent meat with a crisp outer and a distinctive smoky flavour makes the Smoked Pork crave-worthy. The Pork Curry has an intense bamboo shoot flavour, certifying the authentic preparation technique. The Buff Dry Fry which comes with a generous serving of bell peppers is also worth a try.

Hornbil Restaurant-Pork Thali-Majnu ka Tilla-Delhi-rosy baruah (2)
Pork Thali at Hornbil Restaurant (Credits: Rosy Baruah)

Ama Thakali

If you have never experienced Nepali food, then Ama Thakali is a good place to start. The Nepali Thali (veg/non-veg) is a wise choice – it includes traditional Nepalese vegetables, a meat preparation, dal, rice, pickle and salad. While everything else is unlimited, the meat is served only once. The quantity is, however, plentiful and wholesome. Sweet curd is served as dessert.

Ama Thakali-Nepali Thali-Majnu ka Tilla-Delhi-hangouts (2)
Nepali Thali at Ama Thakali (Credits: hangouts)

Tee Dee

Dinner at Tee Dee when in Majnu Ka Tilla, is a must for every food lover. The menu lists a range of healthy Tibetan dishes such as Thukpa, Thenthuk, Shapta, Shabalay and more. The Buff or Pork Chilli, one of the most popular dishes, is pure delight. The meat is double fried, giving it a delightful crunch, and is served with fresh green vegetables. Tingmo, the Tibetan steamed and fermented round bread, is the ideal add-on to this beautiful dish.

Tee Dee-Buff Chilly with Tingmo-Majnu ka Tilla-Delhi (2)
Buff Chilli with Tingmo at Tee Dee
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