Best for

Limchi, Falooda, Patties, Samosa

Also serves

Rolls, Burgers, Chaat, Cakes, Biscuits

North Goa Goa
8/3, Anjuna - Mapusa Rd, Mapusa, Goa 403507, India

A popular joint located at Hutatma Chowk or the circle near Mapusa Bus Stand. Visible from the chowk


Dinkar Dhawaskar started Balaji’s Cold Drinks in 1981 along with his two sons – Devidas and Deven Dhawaskar. Today Devidas runs Balaji Cold Drinks while Deven runs Balaji Bakery. Rare is a college student who has not sat sipping Limchi (a refreshing lemon juice flavoured with mint and ginger) while nibbling on patties at Balaji. The menu is expansive, ranging from samosas, patties, pizzas, burgers, rolls to fresh fruit juices and more recently, chaats and pav bhaji. “We are known for our customer service - we like to listen to our customers. We’re also very particular about hygiene, using only Sunflower oil and RO filtered water for cooking”, says Devidas, obviously proud of the legacy the brothers have created.

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Special Information

  • They are known for their falooda.
  • Pricing is extremely reasonable.
  • All patties (veg / mushroom / egg / prawn / chicken) cost between Rs. 9 – Rs. 14.
  • Rolls and Burgers are priced between Rs. 30 – Rs. 35.
  • Falooda costs Rs. 45
  • A large glass of limchi is Rs. 25

Other information

Seating: Available

Phone : 9850257959

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