Bangalore Unplugged: Unique street food in bangalore

Bangalore is a city that isn’t known for street food the way Delhi or Bombay are. But if we actually go deeper and explore the smaller streets, we will find that although Bangalore doesn’t scream out “Street Food”, it does present it to us in a very subtle way where it merges into the character of the city. What do we mean by unique street food? We can say that Bhajjis and Vadas are unique to South India, but a lot of other street food that has come from other cities is also very prevalent in Bangalore and cannot be ignored. So in this list, the unique street food is what we see very less of on the streets of Bangalore, even if it is native to the city. And it’s not only the food that could be unique; it could also be the look and feel of the stall/shop that is something out of the ordinary, or even the story behind the vendor/shop that is intriguing. So here’s a list of what we feel are the most unique street food stops in Bangalore in no particular order. (Some may be included in our other listicles but that’s because we find them truly unique).

Soup is something we expect to find in a restaurant. So finding it on the streets of HSR Layout in a small, nondescript cart was quite a surprise. Vallarmati and Devraj serve very unique soups like Banana stem, Banana flower, Soya bean, Lotus, Onion and a lot more. To top it off, they garnish all the soups with toppings of different textures to make the experience even more interesting. (See Outlet Link)

Vittal and Shobha Shenoy’s wholesale and retail store in Jayanagar makes itself into this list by selling authentic South-Indian home-made snacks like Ambode, Hollige, Vadas, Shavige and all kinds of Chaklis. They are famous for their little Samosas (a rupee each) that are said to be the best in the whole of Bangalore. The menu of this place is something that caught our eyes. It’s a soft board on which they pin pieces of paper with the food items written in Kannnada every time they want to expand their menu. (See Outlet Link)

Although they call themselves a Rajasthani place, which is true because they serve very authentic Daal Baati Churma and a Rajasthani Thali, they also specialize in other food that is not originally from Rajasthan like Litti Chokha, Sattu puri and a variety of other stuffed Puris. However, it is something different in Bangalore and definitely worth a try. (See Outlet Link)

What sets this stall in Koramangala apart from all the other momo stalls around is that Sangeeta and Kiran, serve eye-catching momos. It’s a surprise to see Maroon, Yellow and Green momos amongst the usual plain ones. It’s difficult to resist seeing them and knowing that they are naturally coloured using vegetable juices. (See Outlet Link)

Parathas are slowly becoming familiar to the South Indians and may not excite them as much as they used to. This stall in HSR Layout has found a way to keep the excitement going. They serve Parathas with a variety of stuffings, with the most unique for us Bagaloreans, being the Sattu Paratha. (See Outlet Link)

Another Rajasthani place worth trying in Bangalore is Bikaner Sweets in Chikpet. They specialize in their famous Kadi Pakora, Kadi Kachori and some Rajasthani sweets. Their thin and crispy Jalebi seems like the perfect sweet to have after a shopping spree in Chikpet, or for that matter even before or during. (See Outlet Link)

These are the stalls we have found that stand out for us. This list is definitely not exhaustive since there’s always a lot more to explore. So feel free to let us know about other unique street food places in Bangalore.

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