Best breakfast cafés in Bangalore

For years together now, it has been a custom for me to spend the first day of the year which went by some time back with family. And surprisingly even after 10 years of taking the solo route mostly away from home and family, I have managed to stick to this start of the year ritual.

And the same ritual of hitting cafes continues throughout the year.

In keeping with this ritual, I was just having this fun conversation with my sister on where do we laze around, hang out and bring in the new year, starting with a great breakfast or brunch (the more likely option). And the options to stick to throughout the year.

Was just sifting through a few places with my past experiences of being there and hanging out, and the following is a list I came up with:

1. Café 132:

Café 132 is one of the newer places in the hangouts, café scene of Bangalore by comparison. However it has quickly moved into my list of best places to have breakfast, and hangout, all at the same time. I especially like it because of the airy interiors, the ability to view the bustling crowds of Koramangala pass by and the great breakfast delights they serve both for the vegetarian & non-vegetarian crowds.

Location: Koramangala 5th Block, on the Jyoti Nivas College Road, near Nagarjuna.

Source : Café 132

2. Cup O Joe:

Cup O Joe is another café on the infamous Jyoti Nivas route in Koramangala 5th block which makes it to my list of a café worth having breakfast at and hanging out at the same time. In fact this café makes it to one of the more romantic places to hangout at, which is true considering it has got a rooftop styled seating area, a waterfall wall and candles on the tables when visiting in the evenings. However visiting it for its all day English breakfast is a very feasible option too. The egg loves would especially love the way in which the scrambled eggs are done here.

Location: Jyoti Nivas College road. When coming from the 100 ft road, this place will be on your right just diagonally opposite to the temple bordering the college.

Source : Cup O Joe

3. Egg Factory:

Egg Factory doesn’t make it to my list of hangouts. But as a breakfast place and especially for the egg lovers, and a decent pricing, egg factory would make most peoples lists to have breakfast at. I really like the garden frittata there and the chilly egg. Also there is a variant of a sunny side up on toast called Kejriwal which is enjoyable. For beverages one can go with the filter coffee or Whats up Doc (for a cooler variant). However the service at the JP Nagar branch is something you will find really slow, bordering on irritating sometimes.

Location: Multiple locations – JP Nagar 5th Phase, St. Marks Road, Whitefield.

Source : Egg Factory

4. Café Noir 

If you love people watching (not the creepy way mind you ) as much as I do, understanding the way different people go about their lives in different ways, different habits, cultures, fashion etc, Café Noir at either the airport or the one in UB City is always a good option to just casually hang around. The croissants, eclairs and pastries are items I actually quite like.

Location: Kempegowda Airport / UB City

Source : Café Noir

5. Coffee On Canvas:

Coffee on canvas wouldn’t make it to my list considering its food alone, which although good, isn’t the greatest. However as a place wherein you can start your mornings with a good enough breakfast, a strong filter coffee, and an inspiring earthy interior highlighted by art, and just laze around without being in a hurry, Coffee on Canvas is one of the places in Bangalore which has almost reached the status of my second home during the last 3 years in town.

Location: Koramangala 4th Block. Take a left from the Maharaja signal when coming from the Sony world signal.

Source : Coffee On Canvas

Just to be clear this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the great breakfast & hangout cafes in Bangalore. It merely a personal list of places which combine the charms of being a good breakfast place, and a lazy hangout to simply take in a few cuppas and endless conversation.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and great times ahead. Stay happy, be safe, and keep eating.

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