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Pav Bhaji, Masala Pav

Panjim Goa
G-29, Alfran Plaza, Panjim, Goa 403001

Near Mahatma Gandhi Road in a complex called Alfran Plaza. Very close to Don Bosco High School.


Revapa Arsid started Bhaiyya’s Pav Bhaji in 1981, in Panjim, on a small cart. Originally from Gurmithal, Andhra Pradesh, Revapa is a large-hearted man, allowing people to eat without paying if they couldn’t afford a meal, asking them to “pay next time”. He struggled to manage the business and his family with the government canceling his license for one year. But with determination he opened the current eatery in 1998, after running the cart for 17 years. The joint is now run by Arun, Revapa’s son, and his sister.

The menu is extremely simple – regular pav bhaji, butter pav bhaji and masala pav. The masala pav is a well-kept secret – a special masala made of chilly, ginger and garlic paste is smeared on the pav, which is then roasted with butter on the pan. Because there is only a limited quantity available on any given day, it is not put on the menu explicitly, only the regulars or special visitors are treated to this specialty.
Arun says that staffing is an issue and the staff on any given day could vary from 3 servers to 15, which is difficult to manage and hence he is apprehensive about opening another outlet.

Special Information

  • The outlet is closed on Wednesday.
  • Do ask for the masala pav. Soft, hot and spicy, it is totally worth a try.
  • The outlet offers seating in the form of plastic tables and chairs.
  • Regular Pav Bhaji is Rs. 50 and Butter Pav Bhaji is Rs. 60.
  • Masala Pav is priced at Rs. 15.

Other information

Seating: Available

Phone : 9823427772

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