Best for

Mushroom Rawa Fry, Kidney Beans Curry, Fish Fries

Also serves

White Bate, Shell Fish

Panjim Goa
Bhatti Waddo, Nerul, Goa

Bhatti Village Family Restaurant is a family restaurant, situated in Nerul, Goa and is very popular for its Goan cuisine. This restaurant is run by Patrick and his small family and is a great treat for mushroom lovers. The patron cooks the dishes according to one's preference. Mushroom Rawa Fry and Kidney Beans Curry prepared in Goan coconut gravy and served with home-made bread known as 'poi', come highly recommended. White Bate (small fish rava-fried), Fish Fries, Shellfish, etc are some of the other dishes that are highly recommended.

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Seating: Available

Phone : 9822184103

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