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Paneer Pav Bhaji and Tawa Butter Pulav

Bannerghatta Road
Bannerghatta Main Road, Stage 2, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India

The outlet is located at Bannerghatta road, one of the busiest roads of Bangalore that connects localities like Koramangala to the South of Bangalore, i.e., JP Nagar, Jayanagar and so on - usually via Diary Circle. If you are driving from Diary Circle, you have to drive past the Jayadeva Flyover (and not over it) and you will notice Gopalan Innovation Mall to your right. About 70 meters ahead, a little further down the the bus stop is the Pav Bhaji outlet.


The first thing that gets my attention when I reach Bombay Pav Bhaji and Tawa Butter Pulav on Bannerghatta Road is the sight of the butter soaked Pav roasting on the Tawa. If that doesn't activate a street food lover's taste buds, I do not know what will. This outlet came to life in late 2013 - 'sixteen months ago, to be precise', says one of the three vendors, Raghu Gowda. The idea of it sprang in Mumbai about ten years ago - 'like almost all the chaat bandis of this town!', he jokes. 'What do you think is people's favourite here?' I ask, and pop comes the answer - 'Nodi maadem (look Ma'am), we sell two things here - Pav Bhaji and Pulav - in different varieties. It is extremely difficult for me to choose from them. Look around, what do you think?' I see an equal number of plates of both, but I am able to determine one thing - most of the Pav Bhaji plate holders have Paneer in their plates. 'Everyday is a new challenge,' he says, 'and the happiest thing is right here, the work I do, and the happy faces I get to see!' I cannot talk anymore as my plate of Pav Bhaji awaits me.

Special Information

  • It is worth mentioning that they use only Amul butter in all of their dishes.
  • If one isn't a street food enthusiast , or does not enjoy Pav Bhaji much, I recommend going there just to catch a sight of him making a bowl of Bhaji. That shall do the work.

Other information

Seating: Available

Phone : 9611869919

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  • Bramhi Panamalai

    For somebody who has never visited Mumbai and wants to know what the Mumbai Pav Bhaji and Pulav taste like, Bombay Pav Bhaji and Tawa Butter Pulav cart is claimed to be the place to head to.
    Claims aside, the Tawa Butter Pulav is the best that I have tasted in a long time. With a distinctive taste, much unlike the usual Pulavs that one finds elsewhere; this one is tangy, not very spicy and great in flavour. A must-try when in Bannerghatta Road!