Chasing Hunger: Hunger Chase foodtruck in Sahakar Nagar

Food Trucks are a recent addition to Bangalore’s food scene. Though they have not yet taken the city by storm, they are slowly and steadily making inroads. Almost every other month a new food truck joins the list. They seem to be making the right kind of noises and it’s a matter of time before they become part of the city’s street food culture.  The unique selling point of these trucks has to be the price at which they offer good quality food.

Hunger Chase is one of the lesser known street food trucks of Bangalore. Their menu is dominated by the Indo-Chinese kind of food. Apart from that they also serve Nuggets, Momos (steamed/fried) and Pav Bhaji.

It is the first food truck we are covering on Talking Street. We hope to bring you the details on all the others soon!

Hunger Chase- facade-Sahakara-Bangalore1

Hunger Chase, like all the other food trucks, has an open kitchen. Everything is prepared right in front of you. Pay up front with the person standing outside the cart and he will let you know once your order is ready. Unfortunately, there is no place for seating and one has to enjoy the hot food while standing near the truck or use your car / bike.

Though it gets crowded at times, the service seems to be pretty quick and the staff know how to manage their crowd. The quantities served here are good and it is a good idea to go in a group to be able to share the portions and try more dishes.

On the menu are starters such as Cheese momos which are refreshingly good. Served with some Mayo and the usual spicy chutney which goes down well with momos, they are good to get started. The chinese items on the menu are the ones that seem to be the best – Gobi Noodles, Paneer Rice and impressive range of Manchurians (Gobi / Mushroom / Babycorn / Paneer). The Gobi Noodles is a mixture of a few pieces of Gobi Manchurian along with pan fried Noodles. Subtly flavoured, with an occasional slice of green chilly, it is a must-try. The Paneer Rice is exceptional. Again, it is subtly flavoured fried rice with a good helping of paneer pieces.  The Manchurians are also popular with the regular customers. The Paneer kebab is not quite the paneer tikka that it sounds like – it is more like a batter-fried paneer pakora.

A meal for two costs between Rs. 250 – 300. For all other details such as phone number, location etc. go to the Hunger Chase outlet page here.

Hunger Chase- Momos-Sahakara-Bangalore
Hunger Chase- Paneer Kabab-Sahakara-Bangalore (5)
Hunger Chase- Paneer Kabab-Sahakara-Bangalore (1)
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