Explorer Diaries: Best food places to explore in Jayanagar


This twenty year old Chaat outlet is not to be missed if one loves Chaat and wishes to have the authentic Bengali Gol Gappas (or Phuchkas). It has crowds of people waiting to savour a plate of Chaat on any average evening. Any student/visitor to the area is sure to mention Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri and Chaat for a good Chaat experience. It is also famous among its customers for its Alu Chaat and Sev Puri. (See Outlet Link)


Located opposite to Vijaya College, Jayanagar 4th Block, this little outlet is known for Mumbai Fare Chaat. One of the first outlets to sell what people now call a ‘Bread Pakoda’ or a ‘Delhi Sandwich’, here is the ideal place for people who wish to have Chaat authentic to the streets of Mumbai. Also, to that set of people who have never eaten Vada Pav before, Mumbai Vadapavala extends a warm welcome! (See Outlet Link)


This outlet has everything that a hungry street food lover desires. A list of things available in Hot Chips is hard to make, so I’d suggest going there and making a hard choice (if it is just once that one is visiting!) Located a few meters from the Jayanagar bus depot, it is famous for its Samosas, Kachoris, mini Pizzas, strudels, muffins, Chaats, and of course, its Hot Chips. (See Outlet Link)


This store, located near the BDA Complex, 4th Block, Jayanagar, is the one stop store for people who have a sweet tooth (or not!), for it sells more than traditional Dharwad sweets. Famous for its Pedhas (Mishra Pedha, the name sake, is a standard for the Pedhas from the northern Karnataka town, Dharwad.), it houses a lot of other sweets, savories, snacks and light eats from all parts of India. One thing to mention about Dharwad Famous Mishra Pedha is that the fresh Pedhas are brought in from Dharwad to the outlets in Bangalore everyday! (See Outlet Link)


Not very hungry, but could take in a light snack just to pass the time? Shenoy Stores is the place to head to. With little Samosas and Ambodes (Ambode: A type of Vada authentic to south India) that cost no more than Rs 3 each, this place is a favourite among the people of Jayanagar. It came into being around forty years ago as a little bunk that sold homemade south Indian snacks – and it has now grown to be the most famous place for Indian snacks, sweets, ready to make mixes, and more. (See Outlet Link)


This is one of those places that most Bangaloreans (or South Bangaloreans) do not need an introduction to. One has to visit Hari Super Sandwich if one is curious to know what a Hindupur Sandwich is. It is the variety in the sandwich and Chaat menus that pulls the crowd to this place. From American Corn Sandwich to Chocolate sandwich; from Dahi Chudwa to Bread Masala, almost every item available is worth a try (or more!) (See Outlet Link)


Was there a mention of the list of places a South Bangalorean does not need an introduction to? Well here’s the outlet that probably tops it. Cool Joint is a hangout place most of the people in 4th Block, Jayanagar. Located on the Aurobindo Marg, it is most famous for its sandwiches and the many kinds of desserts it serves. One of the oldest street food outlets in the area, Cool Joint is definitely a place to be in if one has a great appetite and loves to try more than one variety of ice cream/dessert at once. (See Outlet Link)


Located opposite to the main gate of NMKRV PU College for Women, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, this place is the ideal Juice/Dessert outlet for the students, residents or visitors of the locality. With more than ten kinds of Lassis on the menu, and various other kinds of Ice creams, Faloodas, Sundaes, Milk shakes and more, this place is the one to be in to end the street food spree with a cup of dessert in the hands, under the shade of an old tree, and to recollect those little things in life that bring happiness. (See Outlet Link)

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