Feature: Pranay Mohta’s #MyFoodMemories

A true blue foodie from Mumbai, Pranay Mohta loves his veg. cheese grilled sandwiches and Mumbai vada pav. An inspirational foodie who goes by the name of criticalbhukkhad, he defines himself as a true blue #desi. Do go through Pranay’s version of #MyFoodMemories to learn about hidden eateries in Mumbai.

#MyFoodMemories is an attempt to capture insights from foodies across the world. Foodies always have their favourites – the dishes that they dig at different eateries, the eateries that they revisit regularly, the food experiences that they remember for both the wrong and the right reasons. And they have their stories around food – how they got started with food and what drives them to try, taste and record so many different varieties of dishes. That’s #MyFoodMemories. An attempt to get passionate foodies to tell us what they love eating and where.

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