Food Street in Koramangala

(Important Update: The Koramangala Food Street has run into some issues with the Municipal Corporation because of which the vendors are not allowed to set up their stalls on this road for the last couple of months. There is hope that the issues will get resolved and the vendors will flock back to make this area a vibrant Street Food fair again.)

Koramangala is replete with food joints – from the prim-n-propah fine dine destinations to popular restaurants to small cafés to street-side eateries. Search and chances are you might find each of the above for many Indian cuisines – North-Indian, Bengali, Oriya, Tamilian, Kannadiga, Malayali, Andhra, Rajasthani. It is a foodies paradise but I was quite surprised to find a fairly organized food street that springs up around 5PM every evening, on the main Ganapati Temple road – the road that is perpendicular to Forum Mall.

This food street offers an interesting mix of street food – Pao bhaji vans from Mumbai, momo stalls, a Chinese food cart, pani puri stands, 99 variety dosa vans, a Mumbai sandwich stall, a vada pao counter and a sweets cart. It makes for a satisfying food experience and if there’s still more you crave, the 60 ft road Koramangala, which is pretty much lined with eateries all along, is a very short walk away.

Almost everything on the street is worth a try (so make sure you go with a group of people – the more the merrier because that would mean you can sample a little of the many eats on offer). Here is a list of the do-not-miss stalls.

1. Mumbai Pao Bhaji

The regular Pao Bhaji is great but you can try the Cheese or Paneer Pao Bhaji if you want a little more. This is almost the first van if coming from Forum Mall – was the most popular Pao Bhaji van (there were a couple more but the food and service here was the best).

2. 99 Varieties Dosa

The ubiquitous dosa with a twist – a tomato based gravy, dollops of butter and an interesting choice of fillings. The fillings on offer typically include sweet corn, baby corn, spinach, mushrooms, gobi munchurian (cauliflower deep-fried in batter), cheese and paneer. Again the first van is the best.

3. Momos

Steamed / Fried momos – veg and non-veg. There are many of these and honestly, there was little to tell them apart. Take your pick.

4. Simply Chinese

For those of you who have a soft spot for Chinese, try the rice or noodles (veg / chicken). This is a simple blue cart towards the beginning of the street.

5. Sweets

This was perhaps the most unexpected of stalls. Serving seriously good rasogullas, gulab jamuns and a handful of other sweets, it was a surprising and delightful find.

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