Foodie Story: Seeking the flavours of Mumbai in Bangalore

Kirti’s lean frame does not give away the serious street foodie she is, as we discovered on her maiden foodie outing with the Talking Street team. Always up for laugh, Kirti is loads of fun when on a street food mission. She happily chats with vendors and customers, trying to get interesting nuggets of information about their stall from them.

Kirti’s interest in seeking and trying different types of food has made her the default decision maker during team outings from office, a role she handles with much responsibility. As much as Kirti likes dining at fine dine restaurants, she is also constantly on the lookout for superlative street food, specifically, Pao Bhaji, Pani Puri and Sev Puri, her two favourite street food eats from her growing up years in Mumbai. We asked Kirti to write a small piece for us telling us about her street food journey from Mumbai to Bangalore.

Being born and brought up in Mumbai, street food has been a part and parcel of my appetite – whether it is an evening snack like sev puri from my favorite vendor or a veg toast sandwich. I often find that food on the street is more addictive than those at restaurants. Among my favourites in Mumbai is pav bhaji and I constantly seek information from friends about the best pav bhaji stalls in different parts of the city. Pani puri is another favorite and I love the mouth-watering pani puri served at Mumbai’s Samrat Hotel near Churchgate station. The bhaiyya follows up a plate of pani puri with an equally delicious sukha puri. The search for good pav bhaji and pani puri continues wherever I go!!

After coming to Bangalore, I realized that the same chaat by the same name could be made very differently. There is a significant difference in the chaat variety here and back home. Initially it was difficult to find a pani puri vendor who adds aloo to the pani puri, which is how I like it. Fortunately, I found a couple of them in Kormangala.

Banglore has lots of places to eat momos as also the 99 varieties of dosas. I’ve always craved for homemade poha, made by my mom. The search for a good poha vendor is still on but the one at Wipro signal, Koramangala is good. Kachori, samosa, jalebi … I’ve found good vendors for all these and happily go back to them whenever I feel the craving.   

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