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Soft-spoken, polite, highly committed and incredibly helpful … these words fit Shiva Hatti perfectly. His deep love for all things street food is evident in the detailed posts that he puts up on his facebook group – Best of Bangalore – that has a huge following now. Each of those posts is hard work! It includes discovering unique joints, chatting up with vendors, capturing all the required details and uploading them with images so that the group members can easily locate and enjoy the food. We asked Shiva to tell us about his love affair with street food and this is what he said.

Shiva Hatti - Street Food Club - Talking Street

When you realise you live to eat and not eat to live, life takes an amazing turn. There is never a dull moment, when you know that those wonderful Bombay Sandwiches by the street are round the corner, or when you see that Puri being dunked into Pani at the local Puchka Stall, or when you get the aroma of sautéed garlic getting ready for that Manchurian from a street cart, or when you realise that Paneer Dosa at 99 varieties Dosa joint is equal to dinner tonight. There are endless such imaginations for a foodie like me who realised that Street food is where the heart and mind seem to be in tandem. 

To take this love for food to the next level I started a group called Best of Bangalore on Facebook. The group started off as a mere 100 member group which consisted of near and dear ones. After help from three trusted friends who are also immense foodies and regular posts about lesser known food joints of Bangalore, Best of Bangalore had reached 800 numbers in November 2014. What happened after that was a something none of us expected. Best of Bangalore began trending on Facebook and within July 2015 we had reached 20k members. With more than 28K members as on date, the group unwraps the lesser known food joints of Bangalore with an emphasis on Street Food. 

The ever vibrant street food scene of Bangalore has many things on offer which no restaurant can catch up to. Vendors from different parts of the country have made Bangalore their home and in the process made the scene more diverse. Street Food is something I could swear by. It is unparalleled. Try them at the right places and you will get hooked on forever, if food is where you belong.

Socie-tea-Pani puri-Indiranagar-Bangalore
Sree Ganesh Bombay Sandwich- Veg Sandwich-Vasanth Nagar-Bangalore
09-Sri Sai Durga 99 Variety Dosa- Green Peas Dosa- Domlur- Bangalore
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  • akritimattu

    Nicely written:)

  • Maheima Kapur

    Way to go Shiva! Best of Bangalore really brings out the best street food in different parts of Bangalore.

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