Hangout Zone: 8 Interesting Cafés in Indira Nagar

Indira Nagar is known for the many different eateries it houses. From fine dine restaurants to smaller hole-in-the wall joints, it offers a lot of choice for foodies. Apart from these eateries, this locality also has some interesting cafés offering a relaxed ambiance and superb food.

Kitchen of Joy - Lemon Tea 1 - Indira Nagar - Bangalore

1. Kitchen Of Joy

Kitchen of Joy is your best choice if you have a craving for Bengali street food. Veg cutlets made with beetroot and groundnuts, Egg devil, Kosha mangsho, Luchi alur dum, Mishti doi, Rosogullas and Kolkata rolls – you’ll go back frequently once you try their food.

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Ants Café - Choco Truffle 2 - Indira Nagar - Bangalore

2. The Ant’s Café

The Ant’s Café, located near 5th Main, is where you should head on a rainy day. Surrounded by trees on the first floor of the Ant’s outlet, it serves continental food and delectable desserts, apart from hot and cold beverages. Sit back and read, with birds chirping in the background, while sipping on some Assam tea.

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Tea Brew - Interiors 1 - Indira Nagar - Bangalore

3. Tea Brew

Tea Brew is a tea-time hangout with a wide range of teas and snacks. Crispy pakodas, soft momos, hot burgers and of course, lots of variteies of tea to go with them. They have also added college canteen items such as Maggi noodles, Wai Wai noodles, Omelets and Pastas to the menu.

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Lavonne - Blueberry Cheesecake - Indira Nagar - Bangalore


A cozy café-cum-baking equipment shop, Lavonne is located in a small lane off Double Road. Can’t-stop-at-one desserts and baked savouries such as puffs and croissants make up the menu, along with beverage options. It also offers al-fresco seating in an open area sheltered by trees. Perfect to sit and watch the world go by.

BB's pizza place-Pizza-Indira Nagar-Bangalore

5. BB’s Pizza Place

Tucked away behind the Metro Station is a relatively new café, BB’s Pizza Place. Friendly owner, good pizzas and sandwiches, and menu items like pancakes and waffles, make it a good choice for a meal at any time of the day. Seating is currently limited but the freshness of the food makes up for that in good measure.

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1. Kashmiri Kahwa Tea-awesomecuisine

6. Infinitea

Infinitea is a chic, high-ceiling tearoom in a hotbed of cafes and restaurants in Bangalore. It is known for serving exotic brews, Continental dishes and desserts in a soothing and calm ambiance. The ingredients used here are farm-grown and organic with a menu curated efficiently over 15 years of research. The key dishes served in this cafe which should be given a try are Roast Lamb, Chicken Parmiginia and Spaghetti Promodoro. The key attractions on the beverage side are Kashmiri Kahwa, Peppermint Tea and Vanilla Oolong Tea. Spinach Hand Pie, Apple Pie and Tiramisu are also recommended by foodies.

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The Mad Teapot Café-Red Velvet Cake-Bangalore-lbb

7. The Mad Teapot Cafe

The Mad Teapot Cafe is situated right inside the charming home decor store – The Wishing Chair. This cafe is created around an Enid Blyton theme and a menu with the names of Enid’s fairies, pixies, naughty boys and girls. Everything served here is vegetarian with a range of salads, sandwiches, flat breads and pastas along with a variety of beverages. Brownie points for the big portions of desserts they offer. With free Wi-Fi, you can get your work done while sipping coffee or enjoying desserts.

Lazy Suzy-Deli Sandwich-Bangalore-zomato

8. Lazy Suzy

With a rustic blue-colored wooden door right at the entrance, Lazy Suzy in 80 Feet Road, attracts you right from the start. A very contemporary ambiance and paintings of the lazy cat, Suzy, on the walls (with which the cafe gets its name), it offers Gourmet Sandwiches, classic Desserts and variety of Beverages. Chicken Quiche, Lazy Suzy Deli Sandwich and a cup of Hot Chocolate are the key attractions. Finish your meal here with Baked Yoghurt, a slightly sweet affair topped with a tart of raspberry compote.

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