Happiness is in cooking up a pizza

“It sucks to work under someone,” says Waheeb, with a smile, when I ask him why he started BB’s. His story is interesting. Always interested in cooking and feeding people, he attempted a restaurant straight after college. It didn’t quite take off as planned and he wound it up to join Tesco. On one occasion, he took a pudding to work for his colleagues and as luck would have it, a senior Manager, Kalyan, recognized his talent. A few months later Waheeb had quit, and Kalyan and he set up BB’s Pizza Place, in April 2015, in Indira Nagar.

Waheeb, from Kasargod, in Kerala, believes in starting small. Each of his recipes is personally developed and perfected. In the beginning, he drew up a simple menu of mainly pizzas and trained his small team of helpers to get each dish absolutely right, each time. Three months down the line, he introduced breakfast items, sandwiches, waffles and pancakes to offer a wider range of options. Today, BB’s offers a reasonably wide spread of breakfast options and not-so-easily-available items such as waffles and pancakes.

BB's pizza place -Pizza-Indira Nagar-Bangalore
BB's pizza place-Pizza-Indira Nagar-Bangalore

“Freshness is important,” he says, emphasizing that he believes in good quality food at affordable prices. So, while they don’t bake their pizza bases yet, all the vegetables that go onto the pizza are fresh and crunchy and there is a generous layer of cheese. Among the pizzas, the most popular ones are Hawaiian Delight, Spicy Paneer and Meat Overload. The mushroom-cheese sandwich is a hit too, being the most popular dish ordered by students.

BB’s also delivers their food to locations in a radius of 2 km and Waheeb makes it a point to go for deliveries himself at times. They have quite a few regular customers who order the same food each time around. Waheeb would love to see more new faces at BB’s and we’re sure that with his hard work, dedication and delectable food, he’s close to achieving what he set out to!?

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