Fresh gozlemes hot off the girdle, stuffed with tomatoes and feta cheese, at a small Turkish eatery in Berlin. Delicately flavoured grattachecca in a locally-loved ice-cream parlour on the banks of the river Tiber in Rome. Learning about how coffee is made starting from picking ripe beans to roasting, in a coffee plantation in Coorg, India. Meeting passionate restaurant owners of decades-old eateries serving local delicacies in Goa, India.

What’s common to these delightful food experiences is that each of them was discovered because of a local foodie’s recommendation or guidance. What’s also common to each of them is that they were the inspiration behind Talking Street.

We’re travelers and we’re foodies. We’re what we call traveling foodies. We love meeting new people and seeing new places but the most memorable of our experiences have involved having a local friend, often through Couchsurfing, who was happy to give us an insight into the local culture. And this held true most when it came to the food. For a traveling foodie, nothing can be more heart-warming than finding a local foodie to chat with, someone who they can ask for recommendations on where to eat, someone who will point them to the hidden jewels when it comes to food.

And since no one was doing this, we thought, why not us. Hence, Talking Street. Your local foodie friend across cities.

Over conversations and delicious food, many travelers told us that food is always on their minds when they travel. In fact, according to a survey, 51% of travelers want to try local food when they travel. (Skift Report)

So picture this. A simple-to-use mobile web app that shows you the most recommended places to eat at in any destination. It also helps you find and experience the most loved food right around your current location. In addition, it helps you connect with fellow foodies and invite them for a coffee so you can share your love of food.

Or a food pop-up event, where some of the most-loved eateries in the city are invited to showcase their food along with their stories. All those attending get to try distinctive food from across the city while meeting other foodies from their city.

That’s what we’ve got our eyes on for now.

Thanks. Some interesting foodie stories coming your way.