Indulgence & Health: A collection of healthy street food

Among the pani puri, pav bhaji, rolls, kebabs, dosas, vadas and many other lip-smacking food that is available on the streets in Bangalore, one can also find some options that are, for the most part, actually healthy. You would have noticed some of these. This is a list to recall when hunger pangs hit you at odd times, so that you can indulge in these low-calorie, healthy, street delights!

General Image - Boiled Corn Cobs - Bangalore

Boiled or Roasted Corn:

Corn is a fibre-rich and extremely filling snack to munch on. Available easily in the boiled form on blue carts across the city, it makes for a hot and healthy 4 PM eating option. In some places, you can even find vendors roasting it on coal, which lends a unique flavor.

General Image - Boiled Groundnuts Steaming - Bangalore

Boiled Peanuts:

Fresh peanuts in their skins, piled up high on carts are a familiar sight. These are boiled and eaten, making for a protein-rich snack.

Hot Momos-Chicken momos with soup-Koramangala-Bangalore

Steamed Momos:

Steamed momos are another good option to explore when hungry. Though they are made of flour, the fillings are nutritious vegetables or boiled chicken. And some enterprising vendors use vegetables such as beetroot and spinach to cook up colouredmomos that have an added health advantage!

Cane & Corn Point - Cane Juice - HSR Layout - Bangalore

Fresh fruit juices and milk-shakes:

With the abundance of the Sri Ganesh Juice Stalls, the option of a refreshing mug of fresh juices or milk shakes is never too far. You could instruct the vendors to use less or totally avoid sugar in your juice or shake if you are looking to increase its health quotient.

Iyengar's Bakery- Nippat- Bashyam Circle- Bangalore

Baked Nipattus:

Most of the Iyengar bakeries and some of the Hot Chips stalls offer this tasty yet healthy version of the otherwise indulgent deep-fried nipattu. Ask for it at any of the bakeries or hot chips joints.

Iyengar's Bakery- Masala Bun- Bashyam Circle- Bangalore

Masala or Aloo buns:

Another favourite at one of the many bakeries that are always a short walk away. Aloo bun, a very unique Bangalore offering, has a stuffing of a potato curry inside the bun. Not every bakery’s potato curry is as tasty, so try the buns at different bakeries to figure out which one you like. Masala bun is the other option – where onions, coriander leaves, green chillis and spices are mixed with the dough and then baked.

Murugesh's Chundal Push Cart - Chundal 3 - Shivaji Nagar - Bangalore


Boiled chickpeas are mixed with raw onions, grated coconut and a spice mix to make this protein-filled, healthy snack option. Not very commonly available, there are a few vendors around who have mastered the art of serving hot sundal, heated by steam from a pot placed below the cart. Here is one such cart selling sundal in Shivaji Nagar.

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