Jaipur Food Diaries: A quick guide to the delicious food in Pink City

Jaipur a colourful city in Rajasthan is among the most popular of tourist destinations in India. Known for it’s heritage, architecture, attire, handicrafts, jewellery and of course, it’s unique marwari food. Rajasthani cuisine is primarily vegetarian, influenced by both the simplistic lifestyles of its inhabitants and the limited availability of ingredients in this arid region. Food that could last for several days and could be eaten without heating was preferred. Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have all had their effect on the cooking and often, all parts of a vegetable, including it’s peel are used in cooking. To decrease the use of water in this desert state the cuisine uses a lot of milk and milk products to cook.

The following is a list of the most famous food of the city of Jaipur. It includes the dishes that the city is especially known for, especially the Rajasthani food that must be tried in Jaipur. This follow-up post speaks about the best places to eat at in Jaipur.

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1.Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali is a royal (read huge) meal with a staggering variety of starters, side dishes, breads, rice, khichdi and desserts served as a single meal. Best had as brunch, this is sure to be a memorable experience given the Rajasthani warmth and hospitality that will accompany it.

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2.Dal, Baati, Churma

Flavourful lentils or dal, combined with baati, a baked or fried flour preparation and eaten with churma, a sweet made out of wheat and ghee. A Jaipur specialty, this has to be THE most popular dish that this region is known for. Generous helpings of ghee dunk the baati which is broken and eaten with dal or churma.

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3.Gatte ki Sabzi

Gram flour or besan is kneaded into a dough and shaped into gattas, a deep fried preparation which are then made into a rich Rajasthani curry. Gatte ki subzi is had with chapatis or rice.

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4.Bejad roti

Rajasthanis incorporate various rotis in their daily diet. Bejad roti is made with a mix of barley and chickpeas flour and often eaten with ghee or butter along with vegetables.

5.Pyaaz ki Kachori

Kachoris with spicy fillings are a familiar sight at the street eateries of Jaipur but the pyaz kachori is a clear winner among all the other varieties. A fried pastry filled with a spicy onion-potato filling is the best way to describe it. Even if you’re not fond of fried foods, this is one dish you must eat when in Jaipur. Raawat Mishthan Bhandar is a popular eatery for pyaz kachoris.

6.Mirchi Vadas

Fleshy green chillies coated with spicy besan (gram flour) batter and deep fried in oil. Same as the south-indian mirchi bhajji and just as delicious with a mug of tea.

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7.Keema baati

The famous baati (of daly baati churma fame) made into a non-veg snack by stuffing it with keema.

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The Rajasthani version of tikkas, Soola can be made with chicken or mutton. The meat pieces are marinated with rich flavourful marinade which includes spices, onion and sometimes raw papaya Soola, literally means barbeque and this preparation from the kitchens of Rajasthan’s royals is a hot favourite for all sort of meat and even fish.

9.Galauti Kebab

Kebabs made with minced meat, spices and fried in ghee or butter.

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10.Laal Maas

As the name suggests this is a hot, red meat curry made with fragrant spices and yogurt. Tastes best when coupled with naan. 

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11.Jaipur ki Lassi

A Jaipur trip is never complete without creamy and delicious lassi. Lassi shops  serving lassi in mud kullads are a common sight in Jaipur.


Ghewar, made with flour, milk, sugar, ghee and flavored with cardamom, is a Rajasthani dessert that is most sought after. Often a layer of flavoured condensed milk is added on top to enhance the experience of sinking your teeth into a piece of ghewar.


Thin, hot and crisp jalebis are popular not just in Jaipur but all over India. Jalebis are all-time snacks, they can be had to close a hearty breakfast or as a after-dinner dessert. For an unforgettable experience douse them in hot milk or rabdi. 

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Rajbhog is a lot like a rasgulla but they have a surprise stuffing of dry fruits and are often larger in size. Also, they are soaked in milk flavoured with saffron. Jaipur serves the best rajbhogs, soft, melt-in-your-mouth and don’t blame yourself if you find it difficult to stop at one. That’s usual.

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Balushahi is a flour based sweet – the dough is rolled into small discs which are deep-fried and then dunked in a concentrated sugar syrup. A Rajasthani favourite, this will be available at every sweet shop you come across.

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Yet another sweet on the Jaipur list is Kalakand. Made with condensed milk, this soft, creamy and light dessert should be had fresh.

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