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Chocolate Kulfi, Mango Kulfi, Milk Kulfi

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Karachi Biscuits, homemade chocolates, sweets.

JP Nagar
77, 1st Cross Road, Nataraja Layout, RBI East Layout, Arakere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076, India

When one is heading from Puttenahalli Road toward the Kothnur Road, about half a kilometer from the Brigade Millennium Apartments on the Kothnur Road, one is supposed to take a left onto the 1st Cross Road. To the left about a 100m ahead stands the Kulfi Corner.


Located on the 7th Phase, JP Nagar, Kulfi Corner sells authentic Chowpatty Kulfis of Mumbai, in addition to homemade chocolates, sweets, Karachi biscuits, and soft drinks. It was started about a year ago by Mr KM Bhat, and is managed by Mr Shyam Kishan. The outlet is famous for the variety available in Kulfis in terms of flavour. The Kulfis at the Kulfi Corner come in various shapes and sizes, the types of which are: Circular shaped Kulfis (that can be cut like a cake), Kulfi sticks (Can be consumed like lolly-pops) and Matka Kulfis (available in little pots). 'Most students who come in ask for Chocolate Kulfi, and others, the Milk Kulfi. They are the favourites!', says Mr Kishan, also adding that the Mango Kulfi is gradually gaining popularity this summer.

Special Information

  • The Kulfis arrive from the very famous Kapoor Kulfi, located in Mumbai
  • Once here, one can choose from a wide range of Kulfis, homemade chocolates, and sweets.

Other information

Seating: Unavailable

Phone : 080 41311179, 7760969595

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  • kmbhat

    Very nice place to visit and enjoy so may variety of real milk Kulfis. These varieties is not seen elsewhere in Bangalore.
    Friendly environment and quality products.

    A must visit place… indeed.