Ludhiana’s Most-Loved Food In A Nutshell

Ludhiana’s most famous eateries:

Ludhiana is one of those metropolitan cities that despite great development, has still managed to stay in touch with its roots. Believed to have been founded by the Lodhi dynasty in the 1480s, Ludhiana is both rustically charming and urbanely fast-paced, and these qualities can be seen in the food they offer at some of the famous food joints covered in this article. When in Ludhiana, do not miss paying a visit to these iconic eateries with delicious delights for you to relish.

Punnu de Pakode, Gill Road

Punnu de Pakode is a legendary outlet that is fifty years old and it still manages to attract a large crowd every day. Located at Gill Road,  you can tuck into the giant Pakodas and take a trip to heaven; you probably wouldn’t even want to come back! The food is simply amazing and the quality is never compromised. The joint opens early in the morning and serves their famous pakodas only till the batter lasts.  The Pakoda is filled with two big pieces of paneer  mixed with minty-coriander chutney. These are then deep-fried in fresh oil and are served hot and crispy with apple chutney and mint chutney.

Pakore (Credit:

Chawla’s, Dugri Road

The Chawla Chicken center is every bit of a chicken eater’s heaven. Chawala’s have been serving the best chicken dishes since 1960’s and although there are many Chawla Chicken outlets in India, the one in Ludhiana is the most popular. A must-have item on the menu is the iconic Cream Chicken- tender chicken cooked in milk and cream mixed with grated onions, methi leaves and pepper. Vegetarian versions of Cream Chicken (in the form of Cream Paneer and Cream Mushroom) are also available. Kali Mirch Ka Chicken is another popular option.

Cream chicken (Credit:

 Baba Chicken, Model Town

Baba Chicken is known to serve the best Butter chicken in town. Here, they go beyond serving the conventional Butter Chicken- the gravy is creamier and has a typical yellow color to it. The masala, onions, and tomatoes used are fresh and succulent. Butter chicken, Lemon chicken, Fried fish, Keema naan, Tawa chicken, and Fish Belle are the most popular dishes. The ambience is well maintained.

Butter Chicken (Credit: bcmtouring)

Aman Chicken, Shastri Nagar, Railway Crossing

This eatery is culturally bound to traditional Punjabi rituals. It bears a Dhaba kind of an appeal with generous amounts of food being served. Aman is known for its Butter chicken; the meat is perfectly tender and the gravy is creamy. The Mirchi ki roti (a paratha loaded with red chilly powder and other spices) is also very popular.

Chicken Curry (Credit: bcmtouring)

Big N Meats, Pakhowal Road

Big N Meats is another extremely famous food joint in Ludhiana. The owner and staff will ensure you have the best time while you’re there, offering the best of service and delectable cuisines to dig into. They serve the best Seekh Kebabs, Chicken burgers, and Barbeque Chicken.


Kulcha Land, Model Town Extention

Kulcha, a traditional Punjabi dish is very popular across the country. But Kulcha Land is one of the few places that actually retains the traditional taste and flavour while preparing them. The Paneer and Amritsari kulcha with a glass full of lassi sets off to be the perfect menu for a mid-day meal. This is undoubtedly one of the best Dhaba’s to try traditional Punjabi food.

Kulcha (Credit: AmanKhalon)

Spice Cube, Ferozepur Road

A rare restaurant that flourished in a town of hearty meat-lovers, Spice Cube is special in its own way. It is known for its warm ambience and has outdoor seating which offers a great view of the city. Spice Cube offers yummy Vegetarian Chinese and Mughlai dishes.


Pandit Pranthe Wala, Chaura Bazaar

Pandit Pranthe Wala at Chaura Bazaar, is open 24×7 and serves a wide range of Parathas. These Paranthas are covered with butter and stuffed with delicious fillings. This small shop is buzzing with people post-midnight too. You can enjoy your parathas served with pickle and curd with a cold drink or hot masala chai. The perfect midnight snack!


Basant Ice-Cream, Fountain Chowk

After enjoying an array of rich and spicy cuisines, a cool, sweet dish would be the perfect way to end the meal. The famous Basant Ice-cream serves the best Kulfi in town. From supplying Kulfi on a hand cart in various schools to now multiple ice cream parlors across Ludhiana, Basant ice cream is a must visit. Fruit ice cream, Kulfi, milk Badam, and many more sweet delights are offered here.

Kulfi (Credit: LinkedIn)
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