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Masala Sundal

Shivaji Nagar
43/1, Bowring Hospital Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India

When taking the road from Shivaji Nagar Bus Depot towards Infantry Road, one shall find a little circle about 500m from the bus depot. Just at the circle, in front of the bus stop, to the right of the road, stands Mr Murugesh with his Sundal Cart.


Murugesh's Sundal Cart is a little cart that sells Sundal (a snack made by boiling any kind of lentils and mixing it with different spices, onions and/or coconuts). Owned solely by Mr Murugesh who is a Tamilian from Bangalore, this cart came into being about 10 years ago and remains to be one of very few such outlets in the city. He makes about 100 plates of sundal a day. Two different varieties of sundal made here are Chilli Masala and Nimbu.

Special Information

  • The most fascinating thing about this cart is the way the Sundal is made fresh and hot. There is a stove placed beneath the cart with water, that boils to produce steam. The plate of the cart is provided with perforations through which steam is generated, thus making the lentils (White peas in this case) moist, hot and fresh for serving.

Other information

Seating: Unavailable

Phone : 9945401284

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