Must-try dishes at Mahim Khau Galli, Mumbai

Mahim’s Khau Galli in Mumbai has some amazing street food to offer foodies. From Shawarma to Khichda, this street guarantees a food party! Like any food street, a visit to Mahim Khau Galli is best undertaken along with a group of friends so that you can try maximum number of dishes. Here is a list of the best this street has to offer, along with recommendations of stalls.

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1. Shawarma: There are many stalls selling shawarma but foodies swear by KGN & Zaheer Bhai’s. KGN serves well-stuffed, flavoursome chicken shawarma with a choice of three kinds of bread – chapatti, pita, and doughnut bread.

Shawama (Source: LBB mumbai)

2. Chicken Vada pav: A non-veg alternative to classic vadapav. Try it at Baba Shawarma or Kebab Corner. A chicken cutlet inside the Mumbai pav, served along with crunchy onions, it makes for a delicious in-between snack.

Chicken Vada pav (Source: LBB mumbai)

3. Kebabs: Soft, succulent and flavourful, the mutton kebabs on this food street must be had. Though there are many stalls offering different kebabs, our foodies recommend Raees Kebab Corner’s kebabs the most.

Kebabs (Source: Hungryforever)

4. Halwa Paratha: A much sought after dish on this street, the halwa parantha combines two delicious dishes by stuffing elaichi-flavoured sooji halwa inside a crisp parantha. Try it at Leslia’s or Aslaam’s.

Halwa Paratha (Source

5. Seekh Roti: Soft and juicy seekh kebabs are served atop a crispy roti along with laccha onion, spicy mint chutney and lemon wedges. They are best had at Makhdoom Masahab, which also serves other must-try dishes like Khichda and keema.

Seekh Roti (

6. Baida Roti: Try it at Garib Nawaz stall which is not only famous for their Baida roti but also their kebabs and bhuna chicken.

Baida Roti (Source:

7. Khichda: Khichda is a complete meal in itself made as it is with meat, lentils, rice and spices. Made in large quantities daily, this nutritious dish is usually sold out quickly. Best had at Hussain Khichdawala in Mahim Khau Galli.

Khichda (Source:

8. Falooda: A trip to this khau galli is incomplete without a glass of delicious falooda, a heavenly combination of vermicelli, milk, kulfi and dry fruits from Baba Falooda.

Baba Falooda (Source: LBB Mumbai)

9. Apple & Mango Juice: Bismillah Juice Center is known for its apple juice, which is made from fresh apples mixed with milk, ice, kesar and garnished with grated apple. Their mango juice is also highly recommended.

Apple & Mango Juice (Source: LBB Mumbai)

10. Pizza: The ‘pizza’ kiosks, often a flimsy waist-high table holding up an electric oven, are hard to miss. The pizza itself is a flatbread covered with a tomato based sauce and then topped with vegetables and chicken. It is finally drizzled with a generous helping of grated cheese and dollops of mayonnaise.

Pizza (Source: hungryforever)

11. Chaats & Dahi Bhalla: Vegetarians can gorge on the tangy and spicy chaats & dahi vadas. The stalls also offer Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, potato and onion bhajis, samosas, Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, boiled Channa Chaat and more!

Chaat&DahiBhalla (Source:
Sev puri (Source: Talking Street)

12. Biryani: For a fuller meal, try the Biryani at various stalls which also offer kebabs & other non-veg dishes.

Biryani (Source: homegrown)

So that’s the checklist of things to eat at the Mahim Khau Galli. Best experienced with a set of passionate foodie friends anytime after 7 PM.

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