Foodies Love These 8 Eateries In Amritsar

Amritsar: The most locally-loved eateries across the city and what to eat there (Click here for the first part in the Amritsar series)

Punjab is famous for its rich vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies. From the iconic Maa di daal to aromatic gravies to butter-laden kulchas and parathas, Punjabi food is rich and dopamine-inducing. The food at Amritsar is especially popular with food enthusiasts. Embark on a spiritual journey of faith and of good food at Amritsar. Our first piece on Amritsar’s food covered the most iconic of eateries including the Golden Temple, Kesar da dhaba, Giani Tea Stall, Makhan Dhaba and Kanha Sweets. Read the entire article here. This is a continuation and lists some of the popular eateries that are must-try in this holy city with a whole lot of independence history. All these eateries are highly loved by the foodies.

All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha

People eat Amritsari kulchas (flatbreads made of wheat) everywhere in India, so trying the sought-after Amritsari kulchas will top any foodie’s list. The Kulchas at the All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha, Ratan Singh Chowk, Maqbool Road are crisp on the top and soft and buttery within. The stuffing, made typically with mashed potatoes, raw onions and spices such as pomengranate seeds is tangy and spicy. Topped with a thick slab of butter, the kulchas are served with a raw mango pickle and fresh, home-set, thick curd. There could perhaps be few other soul-satisfying meals to begin the day with, especially in Punjab.

All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha

Bau di Paneer Bhurji

Milk, ghee, butter and paneer (cottage chesee), Punjab’s love for dairy can be seen in every dish you taste in the state. The spicy and aromatic Paneer bhurji (scrambled paneer  in a gravy) at Bau di Paneer Special Bhurji, near the telephone exchange, is legendary. The consistency of the bhurji is such that it is more like a pao bhaji than a dry bhurji. It is served topped with chaat masala and melted butter along with slices of thick bread, raw onion slivers and a sweet and tangy imli chutney.

Bau di Paneer Bhurji (Credit: tripgator)

Friends Dhaba

If you are looking for something non vegetarian to eat, try the buttery keema naan and gravy at Friends Dhaba. The naan is stuffed with a rather spicy filling of keema, and is served with chutney, onions and a mutton curry that is so delicious that it is often slurped straight from the bowl.

Friends Dhaba

Ram Lubhaya and Sons

Ram Lubhaya and Sons, under a peepal tree at Lawrence Road, is a humble cart selling aam papads (a tangy digestive made of mango pulp) and churans (digestive powder helps in digestion). However, with seven varieties of aam papads and an even bigger range of churans on offer, it is hugely famous and highly sought after, especially after all the rich food that is on offer across the city.

Ram Lubhaya and Sons (Credit: tripgator)

Beera Chicken House

One of the eateries in Amritsar that truly radiates the flavours of the city is the famous Beera Chicken House on Majeetha Road, where many people order from their car and eat there too – in complete Delhi-style. It is often surrounded by people waiting for the succulent kebabs they offer or the flavoursome tandoori chicken. Cooked on an open coal grill with minimum spices and no artificial food colourings, the soft and succulent chicken is very popular and worth every minute you wait and every paisa you spend.

Beera Chicken House (Credit: celebmobilewall)

Surjit Food Plaza

Surjit Food Plaza at Lawrance Road is known among the locals for its legendary Butter Chicken. A secret recipe prepared meticulously at home, it has a rare blend of spices and flavours that has patrons coming back for more all the time. Their Mutton tikka and chicken tawa with a buttery lachha paratha is an all-time favourite meal among Amritsaris.

Surjit Food Plaza (Credit: tripgator)

Bharawan da Dhaba

Bharawan da Dhaba at Town Hall was established way back in 1912. A vegetarian eatery it offers finger-licking food, especially during the winters. If sarson da saag and makki di roti is what you crave, this is the place to head to. Of course, other Punjabi favourites such as baingan ka bhartha, rajma and chole too are as good as they can get.

Bharawan da Dhaba

Mahajan Sweets

Seal the memories of your delicious day with one of the 100+ sweet options at Mahajan Sweets. Especially recommended are the kulfis though they have a huge variety of sweets on offer.

Mahajan Sweets (Credit: eayourworld)
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