Chatori Gali, Bhopal
Kebabs, Sheermal, Varki Samosa
Meat Stew
95, Chatori Gali, Chowki Talaiya, Talaiya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462001, India
With dusk an interesting part of Bhopal beckons. Among twinkling lights from street-side stalls and wafting aromas of sizzling kebabs, Bhopal’s nawabi cuisines come alive in Chatori Gali, an aptly named narrow lane in Old Bhopal. (Chatori refers to someone who loves eating, in hindi). A good starting point is the bun kebab stall – tender bade ka kebab (spiced mince meat kebab cooked and grilled on coals) stuffed it into a little bun and served with chutney and onions. Next pay a visit to Hotel Gazala, where they’ll serve you a plateful with rotis and a spicy, peppery stew of tender meat. Or Hotel Jameel in Ibrahimpura, famous for its sheermal, a saffron-flavored flat bread, kebabs and fried chicken. At no cost should you miss the varki samosa, a layered samosa stuffed with spicy mutton keema. It is served only at a couple of stalls in the evening. For more locally-recommended eateries in Bhopal, check out the post below. Explorer Diaries: Bhopal On Your Plate Pic Credit: Yummraj
Seating: Unavailable
Timing: 5 PM - 10 PM

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