Kanglei Fast Food, Delhi
Eromba, Ooti, King Chilly
494, vijaynagar, Old Gupta Colony, Kalyan Vihar, Delhi, 110009, India
Kanglei Fast Food is a fast food restaurant, situated in Vijay Nagar, Delhi. The word 'Kanglei' is the historic name of Manipur and this place is known for serving authentic Manipuri delicacies. The dishes that are unique and gives an insight to the Manipur culture, come highly recommended, they are Eromba - hot mashed potatoes with dried fish, King Chilly - succulent pork curry cooked with sour bamboo shoots and Ooti - lentils cooked with soda. The food served here is delicious and nominally priced. For more locally-recommended eateries in Delhi, check out the post below. A Guide To Eating In And Around Hudson Lane In Delhi
Seating: Available
Timing: 11 AM - 11 PM

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