La Fayette Bar & Restaurant, Goa
Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Cafreal, Pork Sausage Biryani
Caraim Ward Rd, Chorao, Goa 403523, India
La Fayette Bar & Restaurant is a typical Goan restaurant situated in the heart of Chorao Island, Goa, a few miles off the coast of Panjim. It seems to stay open all day, as opposed to most places which tend to close after lunch. And is known for its freshly prepared food which is spicy and full of flavors. It is known for its Fried Mackarel, Fish Curries which are served with ice cold beers. It is also famous for serving sumptuous meal with its patent Egg Curry. The cook as well as the other staffs are extremely hospitable and often sit down with the customers to chat and tell the stories about the Goan culture. For more locally-recommended eateries in Goa, check out the posts below. Street Food In Goa: A Quintessential Goan Experience Discover Goa: What To Eat At A Goan Fast Food Eatery Pic Credit: Foodnetwork
Seating: Available
Timing: 10 AM - 10 PM

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