Here’s where you should head for delicious grub in Kamla Nagar!

At a Glance: What To Eat and Where To Eat In Kamla Nagar

  • Chalte Firte Momos: Gravy Momos
  • Phirangi: Pastas and Pizzas
  • Bistro 57: Exotic Shakes
  • Shawarma Wala: Shawarmas
  • Shrivastav Mumbai Chuski Bhandar: Chuski
  • Chache Di Hatti: Chole-bhature
  • Sudama Chai: Masala Tea
  • Raju Coffee Wala: Beaten Coffee, Rajma-chawal

Kamla Nagar is a popular residential area for many outstation Delhi University students. Given its popularity with students, it has a hugely popular market for electronics, books, shoes, apparels as well as jewellery. Over the years, it has seen a steep increase in the number of eating options, with cafes and restaurants mushrooming across the locality. This has fed the thriving ‘eating out’ culture amongst the students, as well as residents. The eateries in Kamla Nagar have a discerning clientele – students are known to be fickle with food, lavishing constant love on the eateries they like and shunning the ones they don’t. No wonder then, they strive hard to serve good food consistently. Here are some of the most popular student eat-outs in this bustling part of Delhi University.

  1. Coming out from ‘Vishwavidhyalaya’ Metro Station Gate no 1, board one of those colourful ‘tuk-tuks’
  2. Ask the driver to take you to Kamla Nagar Market. (it is a safe bet to assume that almost all of the tuk tuks will take you to Kamla Nagar)
Chalte Firte Momos

Most of the tuk tuks typically drop people right in front of a McDonald’s outlet. From there, Chalte Firte is barely 50 meters; ask anyone and they will direct you to the place. Chalte Firte opened about 4 years back and has, since then, been bustling with students as well as families. The restaurant specializes in gravy momos such as tandoori gravy, Manchurian gravy, Afghani gravy and more. It is also popular for its Chinese and Italian main course as well shakes and other non-alcoholic beverages. With ample space, it makes for a great destination for a birthday party.

The tandoori and Afghani gravy momos are the most popular in the menu. The Tandoori Chicken Gravy momos have the heavenly aroma and delightful smoky flavor of the tandoor. The Afghani Chicken Gravy momos have the rich feel and taste of mayonnaise. The filling is perfect – flavourful vegetables or chicken, depending on what your preference may be. The steamed option and fired are equally good, though the fried ones tend to get soggy after a while.

Afghani Chicken Momo at Chalte Firte Momos

Phirangi is along the same line of shops and restaurants as Chalte Firte. It has opened recently and is increasingly becoming popular due to its funky interiors and a delicious selection of pizza, pastas & shakes. Try Farmers’ pizza which is loaded with fresh vegetables and mozzarella … it has a thin crust with adds a much-loved crispness to it. The Mushroom cream pasta which has creamy mushroom-based sauce, is another good option.

Mushroom Cream Pasta (Pic Credit: Zomato)
Shawarma Wala

About a 100 paces inside an alley right opposite Phirangi, is the good old Shawarma Wala, serving scrumptious shawarmas since 2011. It is probably the first of its kind to have opened in Kamla (as Kamla Nagar is fondly referred to), back when the concept of shawarma was pretty much foreign to its residents. Pitched as having the closest authentic experience, Shawarma Wala has steadfastly become a benchmark for other such joints. The chicken is marinated with a secret mix of spices and then roasted slowly leading to a juicy, flavorful filling. Though sometimes one wishes that they would replace the mayonnaise dressing with hummus, the tasteful shawarmas are still among the favorite snack options. They also serve rolls and milkshakes.

Shawarma (Pic Credit: Tangledtourista)
Bistro 57

Bistro 57 is located in an alley across the street from Chalte Firte Momos. It is immensely popular amongst the students due to its wide variety of incredibly delicious and hygienic shakes, coffees and coolers. A must try is the exotic Oreo shake – a thick, decadent milkshake, loaded with Oreo biscuits that lend a distinct crunchiness to it. Even a small shake is very filling. With student friendly prices and sinful shakes, it is no wonder that Bistro 57 rates right up there among the constantly hungry student population thronging Kamla Nagar.  The Bistro also serves side snacks such as garlic toasts, mini pizzas, pastas and nachos which are equally delicious.

Bistro 57 Facade (Pic Credit: Whatshot)
Shrivastav Mumbai Chuski Bhandar

A hundred meters on the same road where the tuk-tuk drops people off, or near the back gate of Kirorimal College, is the famous Shrivastav Mumbai Chuski Bhandar selling delicious chuskis since a very long time. The most popular amongst the wide variety of flavors the Bhandar has to offer, is the Kala-Khatta. It is exceedingly tangy and has a sweet after-taste which makes it unique. Other flavors include Kala Jamun, Rose, Jal Jeera and more.

Shrivastav Mumbai Chuski Bhandar
Mix Chuski at Shrivastav Mumbai Chuski Bhandar
Chache Di Hatti

If you are a Chole Bhature lover, then this is among the best places for Chole Bhature in this part of town. Chache di Hatti is one of the oldest operating restaurants in Kamla Nagar. Located on the same street as Shrivastav Chuski Bhandar and Sparks Mall, it is near the back gate of Kirorimal College. Soft, fluffy melt-in-the-mouth bhaturas and flavorful chole made with a special home-made masala mix are the trademark, but the taste can only be experienced.

Chole Bhature (Pic Credit: Tripadvisor)
Sudama Ki Chai

What better to end a day than with a nice warm cup of Masala chai, and Sudama’s is the go-to place for a comforting cup of hot tea. On your way back to Vishwavidhyalaya Metro Station, ask the tuk tuk to drop you at Sudama’s. If the tuk-tuk is not familiar with the name (which is highly,  unlikely), it can still be easily spotted by the big crowd around it. At just Rs.10 per cup, Sudamaji serves you a huge cup of masala chai with a perfect blend of elaichi (cardamom), dal-chini (cinnamon) and adrak (ginger). This make-shift place also serves as a late evening and mid-night hangout as it remains open till 1 AM, with students indulging in constructive debates as well as travel stories.

Masala Chai at Sudama Ki Chai
Raju Coffee Wala

Coffee lovers need not worry. Raju Coffee Wala, who puts up near Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, is famous for brewing up a creamy cup of beaten coffee at just Rs. 15 per cup. Served topped with cocoa powder, complete with frothy milk, this makes for a delightful cup of happiness. Raju also makes delicious ‘Himachali style’ rajma for the rajma chawal enthusiasts.

Raju Coffee Wala
Beaten Coffee at Raju Coffee
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