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Amritsari Samosa, Paneer Pakoda, Gobi Pakoda

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Vada Pav

JP Nagar
340, RBI East Layout, Phase 7, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India

The outlet is located exactly opposite to Brigade Millennium Apartments, about a 4 shops after Punjabi Food Corner, on the Kothnur Road, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore


The other outlet of the Punjabi Food Corner chain, this place was opened solely for Punjabi snacks about 6-7 years ago - which makes it older than the Punjabi Food Corner. 'Vahin se shuru hua tha, humara safar!' (Our journey began there!), says Ms Mamta Arora, the co-owner and manager of Punjabi Food Corner, about the Punjabi Snacks Corner. It is managed by Ms Seema Arora, the sister of Ms Mamta Arora. The Paneer Pakoda, Gobi Pakoda and the Amritsari Samosas are seemingly the most popular items on the menu. 'Groups of friends come here to enjoy a light snack, and they fight for the samosas and the Paneer Pakodas!', laughs Ms Seema Arora. The samosa here is certainly different in terms of the texture of the dough - which is delicate but crisp, with a delicious filling.

Special Information

  • All the items are prepared fresh and fried on the spot. This assures good hygiene and freshness of the served items.

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Seating: Unavailable

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  • Bramhi Panamalai

    The feeling of waiting for an impending shower when the sky above you is grey; having hot samosas being fried at your side is priceless. And there I was, enjoying every single second of it! The samosas only made it better for me. The fresh, out-of-the-kadai samosas were absolutely magical. Not too spicy, not too potatoey, also not too oily – this is the perfect one for a simple street food lover!