Ramzan in Delhi: Favourite Iftar destinations

At a Glance: What to eat during Ramzan in Delhi

  • Azam’s, Khan MarketKathi Rolls
  • Afghan Durbar or Kabul, Lajpat Nagar for Afghani Cuisine: Chicken Tikka Kebab, Tandoor Chicken Kebab
  • Community Center Market, New Friends Colony: Shawarma, Achari Biryani, Chicken Changezi (curry), Fried Chicken & creamy Afghani Chicken
  • Zakir Nagar Main StreetMutton Paya, Phirni
  • Dilli Haat Lucknow StallSeekh Kebab, Biryani
  • Bramhaputra MarketAssorted Cutlets, Kebabs
  • Windsor Street, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad: Dum Biryani, Tandoori Chicken 
  • Nazeer Foods, IndirapuramMutton Khamiri Roti

It’s Ramzan season and in each city across the country, Ramzan special food streets and markets have come alive. Iftar, the fast breaking meal after the evening prayer Maghrib is a special time. Right around sunset, after an entire day of observing the fast, friends and family come together to break their fast as a community.

There are a number of special food stalls, and even entire food streets, that spring up only for the duration of the month of Ramzan. Expectedly, there are many destinations for iftar in Delhi and we requested some of our favourite foodies to list their go-to destinations. Shadan Syed from Delhi put together this list of her favourites.

1. Azam’s, Khan Market

 Most popular for their Kathi Rolls, Azam’s (previously known as Aap Ki Khatir) serves delectable mutton rolls – soft, succulent, flavourful kebabs inside roomali rotis, drizzled with spicy chutney and served with fresh onions. The rolls at Azam’s are better than other popular roll outlets like Khan Chacha & Shawarma from Al Bake. No wonder then that many head to this famous joint at iftar in Delhi.

Kathi Rolls
2. Afghan Durbar or Kabul at Lajpat Nagar for Afghani cuisine

Hidden gems in the otherwise-crowded Lajpat Nagar, both Afghan Durbar and Kabul serve authentic Afghani food. Different from mughlai or north-Indian non-veg, Afghani food is much milder in its use of spices. Aromatic, charcoal-grilled kebabs, flavoursome curries served in traditional afghani tradition. The Chicken Tikka Kebab and the Tandoor Chicken Kebab are popular. Perhaps the most popular dish on the menu is the Qabuli Uzbeki – Afghani version of pulao or biryani. It is served with a dish of Rajma and Borani Banjan (an eggplant dish). Low seating, mellifluous music and the heavenly aroma of grilled meat characterizes both these eateries. Afghani TV plays in the background and they have a dastarkhwan laid out for those who want to recline & eat. Both these Afghani restaurants provide a perfect option to break the fast and eat a hearty meal at iftar during Ramzan.

Afghani Chicken
3. New Friends Colony, Community Centre Market

A popular stop for iftar in Delhi, the New Friends Colony community center market has a few eateries that serve toothsome food. Shawarma is an all-time favourite here from Al Bake. Also recommended are the Achari Biryani, Chicken Changezi (curry), Fried Chicken & creamy Afghani Chicken. There are many stalls and vendors offering these. Add a sweet paan, & mango shake with ice-cream and dry fruits to complete the iftar meal. Frequented by muslims from nearby localities, the place buzzes in the evening during ramzan.

4. Zakir Nagar Main Street

Popular among students & executives, the main street of Zakir Nagar comes alive in the evenings during this festive time. Close to Okhla and Nehru Place, this food street with a 20-year history, has sumptuous iftar food such as haleem, nihari, kebabs and biryani. It also offers other street-eats such as momos and rolls. Madina Hotel is particularly known for its nihari & paya. Talib Kebab is another eatery offering flavoursome kebabs & tikkas. Kulfi, rasmalai and phirni are among the must-try desserts here.

Mutton Paya
5. Dilli Haat Lucknow Stall: Darbar-e-awadh

For a more relaxed, seated experience, the Lucknow Stall in Dilli Haat is a great option. With twinkling lights from the handicraft stalls, wafting aromas from different food stalls and leisurely floating visitors, it’s a pleasant setting for a tasty meal at iftar in Delhi. The stall is well known for its kebabs – Galauti kebab, Kakori kebab, Tangri kebab and Shammi kebabs are the best of the lot. The meat is soft, perfectly flavoured and melt-in-the-mouth. A plate of Mutton Handi Biryani is the perfect main course after the lavish kebab spread. Their kebab paratha is also recommended.

Seekh Kebab
6. Brahmaputra Market, Noida 

The Bramhaputra Market in Noida is known for the popular local eateries it houses. Famous for it’s pani puri and chaat eateries, it takes on a festive hue during Ramzan. The market comes alive with twinkling lights and a variety of stalls during evenings when many a muslim vendors offer biryani, kebabs, tikkas, rolls, momos and more. This market is quite popular among office goers and students at iftar in Delhi.

Assorted Cutlets
7. Windsor Street, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Lucknow wale Kebabi & Tunday Kebabi dominate this street for their amazing flavours. Lucknow style galauti kebabs, ulta tawa paratha, dum biryani, roasted/ tandoori chicken, pepper chicken – these are some of the most popular dishes on this food street during Ramzan. There is another stall offering Kulfi falooda which is just the dessert that completes a binge streak at iftar.

Dum Biryani
Tandoori Chicken
 8. Nazeer Foods, Indirapuram

Another option that Shadan suggests is Nazeer Foods in Indirapuram. She seeks out their chicken taka tak roll, fluffy, fresh sheermal & khamiri roti, mutton rogan josh and Afghani chicken.

Khamiri Roti
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