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Kesar Pista, Paan, Roasted Almond

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Chocolate nut, Pista, Walnut crush

Mumbai Churchgate
Stadium House en, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020, India

Roustom’s & Co. started its love story with the city of Mumbai in 1953. Its claim to fame is the ice-cream sandwich – a slab of ice-cream between orange and yellow wafer slices. The owner explained the serendipitous circumstances that led to the invention of the ice-cream sandwiches. Ice-cream was served on plates but when the plates started disappearing (apparently the customers used to steal the plates), they came up with this novel way of serving it, sandwiched between two wafers so that no plates were needed. What was problem-solution is what draws people from across the city to Roustom’s today. They do offer cups, but where’s the fun in that?

 Among the hottest flavours at Roustom’s are Pista, Kesar pista and Chocolate nut. Kesar pista is a mouthful of saffron infused, ‘kesari’ smooth ice cream, speckled with pista bits. Roasted almond and Walnut crush are relatively newer flavors but have garnered many takers over the short while that they were introduced. The latest introduction is Paan flavoured ice-cream.

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