Best for

Sulaimani Chai, Bombay Special Chai, Kachhi Chai, Tea

Also serves

Snacks, Street-side light-eats, Khaja, Khajoor, Samosa

Shivaji Nagar Bangalore
Hazrat Kambal Posh Road, Sulthangunta, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051, India

With Russell Market to the right, take the lane on the opposite side of Russell Market (Royal Restaurant marks the beginning of this road). Savera Tea is about 30m down this road.


Opened in 2002, this is a popular joint for tea and snacks. What adds to its popularity is the fact that it is open till 1:00 AM at night, perfect for students and young people who want a snack after dinner. The most famous Chai(s) sold here are Sulaimani Chai (Black Tea), and Kachhi Chai (Tea made only with milk and no water). They also sell Hareera - Dry fruit milk - which is made by boiling a rich dry fruit powder containing almonds, poppy seeds (khus-khus), raisins along with the milk. In addition to the various kinds of Chai available here, there are also snacks and light eats on the menu - like Samosa, Badusha, Khaja etc.

Special Information

  • They have snacks - both sweet and savoury - to go along with the tea.
  • It is open till 1:00 AM, a rarity in Bangalore.

Other information

Seating: Available

Phone : 8861994660

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