Best for

Bhel Puri, Vada Pav

Also serves

Pani Puri, and other Chaat; Donuts, Soft Drinks

Jayanagar Bangalore
456, 9th Main Road, 2nd Block, Jaya Nagar East, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011, India

The outlet is located on the 9th Main Road - the road that connects the 4th Block Bus Depot to the 3rd, 2nd Blocks. One has to head straight toward 3rd Block from the Depot, pass the 2nd Block junction keep heading straight. One shall be able to find Sri Rama Vidyalaya to the right of the road; and a few meters ahead, to the left of the road stands Sri Sai Foods.


Sri Sai Foods on the 1st Block, Jayanagar, and is the only outlet of its kind in the locality that stands as a franchisee of two outlets - the Karnataka Bhel House and Goli Vada Pav. The most striking feature of this place is the variety in their menu(s). Co-owned by Mr Aravind, this outlet is almost a year old - and hosts a large number of residents, and students as it is located opposite to Sri Rama Vidyalaya, Jayanagar. The outlet is best known for its Bhel Puri - among various other Chaats; and also the Vada Pav, and Donuts. 'It's happy to have many people coming here, having conversations over food. But I have more in mind. I want to develop the enterprise that began as a dream; because when it comes to food, people always love additions to the menu!', says Mr Aravind.

Special Information

  • This outlet is a combined franchisee of two different outlets, Goli Vada Pav, and Karnataka Bhel House - and offers more than what the two independently serve.

Other information

Seating: Available

Phone : 99860 44182

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