Talking Street is a platform for foodies, by foodies. We exist because people who love food, across cities, shared their insider knowledge of the best food in their cities. They opened up their hearts and told us which eateries must make it to the Talking Street recommended list. Some even went out of their way to host us, give us lists of eateries to visit or painstakingly edit the lists we send them. We are so thankful for the many, many passionate foodies who embrace what we are attempting to build and contribute so meaningfully.

Foodies are at the heart of this venture. So if you fit any or all of the criteria below, please write in.

  • You love food with a passion that only another foodie can understand.
  • You know the best eateries in a given city/town/location (or across cities) like the back of your hand.
  • You are the one your friends call for advice on where to go when they want to go out eating.
  • You love to discover and experience the most-loved eateries when you travel. In the more familiar locations, you have your own list of food experiences to tick off.
  • Connecting with another foodie makes for a travel experience more complete.

We’re on a journey to cover more and more cities across the world, one dish, one eatery at a time. So whichever city/town/location you’re from, if you feel the same love for all things food, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Write in to us at telling us a little more about your affection for food, which city you’re from and why you believe in what we’re trying to do.