College food diaries: Best food around colleges in Bangalore

Our street food experiences at Talking Street lead us to believe that some of the best street food is found outside colleges. In keeping with that belief, here is a list of popular food around colleges in Bangalore. We know we haven’t covered all the colleges and all the well known joints around them, so here’s a street-style call out to the college students of Bangalore to let us know of some of their favourite street food haunts. Suggest outlets here or write to us at!


Super Rolls

Located right outside the Christ University campus, there are a few students in the campus who haven’t been lured to try their delicious rolls. With crowds of students and office folk from Hosur road surrounding the cart every day, this five year old cart undoubtedly stands as one of the best street food joints around the university premises.

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Just Shawarma

Started by a student of the University, this place came into being as the only place serving Lebanese food around the university premises. It did not take long for it to become a favourite among the students, employees and others in the locality. Serving mouth watering Shawarmas in a couple of minutes, Just Shawarma is planning on expanding its menu to vegetarian customers as well.

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Pani Puri – JNC

Easily one of the best Pani Puri/Gol Gappa stalls of the area, this one is located right outside the campus of Jyothi Nivas College. A favourite of not just the students of JNC, this Pani Puri stall attracts crowds from as far as Christ University and Hosur Road. The Pani Puri here is said to have the same taste that a Delhi Pani Puri stall would have – and is a must visit for anybody in Koramangala.

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Khawa Karpo – Little Tibet

There are a handful (lesser, even) number of places serving authentic Tibetan cuisine in Bangalore. Khawa Karpo is one of them – and it does stand out in terms of taste and the quality of food. Located opposite to JNC, this little restaurant is hosted by a friendly set of people. With specialties such as the famous Tibetan offering – the Shap-tak and Ting-mo; and varieties of Momos and Thukpas, the menu is sure to tickle the taste buds of any foodie!

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Hari Super Sandwich

Serving Hindupur Sandwiches and other snacks for about 15 years now, this outlet is hugely popular not just in the locality, but in all of South Bangalore. A visit to Jayanagar for many does not end without a plate of Sandwich or Chaat from Hari Super Sandwich. Located near the main gate of NMKRV College, this place is the ideal lunch-stop for many a student/employee from the college or other workplaces around.

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The Lassi Park

Located right opposite to the gate of NMKRV College, this outlet is popular with the students/residents/employees and visitors of the area. Serving a lot more than just Lassis, the Lassi Park menu offers a wide range of cold beverages, ice creams, fresh fruit juices and so on. A glass of Lassi, accompanied by the shade of the good old trees and the sound of chatter and laughter in the backdrop of a serene neighbourhood is all a street food lover can ask for!

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Mumbai Vadapavala

Standing opposite to the campus of the college, next to Mc Donalds, this famous little stall serves authentic Maharashtrian chaat and more. The Vada Pav and the Dabeli here are claimed to be closest to the ones made in Mumbai in taste – which makes Mumbai Vadapav vala one of the most famous street food joints in the locality. It is almost impossible to walk on the pavement during lunch hours everyday, evenings and holidays as there are crowds of people enjoying Chaat from this place.

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Cool Joint

The highly popular snack joint/hangout place came into being about 17 years ago – and is well known for its light eats, ice creams, beverages, snacks and more. The popularity of this place is such that it serves as a landmark for many a place in 4th Block, Jayanagar. Most famous for the extra large sandwiches they serve, Cool Joint is the answer of most of the students of the area for a good midday light meal or drink. One who visits should make it a point not to miss the paneer sandwich and softee.

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Mumbai Vada Pav

An 8 year old stall right next to the JC Road campus of Jain College, serving different types of Vada pav, is considered by the students to be as good as any Mumbai vada pav. The popularity of this place is particularly due to the unique blends of Vada Pav and other items that they sell – Like the Gobi Vada Pav (Gobi Manchurian stuffed inside Vada Pav) and Gobi Rice (Rice mixed with Gobi Manchurian). A must visit for anybody who likes quirky street food, for it does not fail in terms of the quality and taste of food.

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Well, here is a whole street for the ultimate street food experience situated in close vicinity (about a 5 minute walk from both the campuses) of Jain College – which is why we consider the students of Jain College a little luckier than those of other colleges! With a great number of street food joints to choose from, this place is considered a street food lover’s paradise!

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Al Amanah Café

A café serving Arabian and Lebanese food in Kammanahalli, this place is hugely popular with the students of the CMR College and other educational institutions around. With items for both vegetarians and non vegetarians on the menu, this café is the one to head to if one wants to know what Lebanese and Arabian food taste like. The most well known dishes are the Veg Falafel Roll, Chicken Jumbo Roll and so on. Al Amanah Café is also famous for their reasonable prices.

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Snacker’s Square

Just as the name suggests, this is a one stop stall for all kinds of light eats and snacks in Kammanahalli, Bangalore. This little stall is not so little in terms of what it has in store for hungry (or not very hungry!) street foodies. From Burgers to Sausages, from Hotdogs to Paranthas, from Sweet Corn to Momos, have everything to ensure a great street-food experience.

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Extremely popular with students since it is located close to the MSR College Gate, Eggstacy is a collective of five different kiosks serving different varieties of food. The namesake kiosk – Eggstacy – serves all things eggs from omelets, burji toasts to egg rolls and egg curry with parantha and so on in addition to stuffed paranthas. Pizza Bella does pizzas and sandwiches. (Veg: Pizza Bella & Non Veg: Mexican Italian, Meateor). Oggarne is the South-Indian specialist. A momo counter and a rolls stall complete the food section. There is also a chai stall vending out hot tea!

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Mumbai Xpress

For an outlet that started in Feb 2014, this is one popular joint. Quite a favourite with the MS Ramaiah students, it was the result of a conversation between Jaya Garg, an IT professional, Sunita Sachdev, an HR consultant, and Sanjana Bhasin, a housewife. The Menu @ Mumbai Xpress has the best of Mumbai and Delhi – from bhelpuri to burgers, rajma chawal to pizzas, vada pao to tacos – it has the traditional dishes cooked up differently. For example, the Aloo Chaat Pizza, called ‘Filmistaan’, has cheese, onion and bhujiya. Quite obviously, it is a huge hit.

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