Talking Street for First Timers

Hello there! We’ve been expecting you. Welcome to the ideal platform to find the best of local and street food across cities and towns in India!

Talking Street curates the best local food eateries along with smaller street food joints and cute cafes across cities. Just so you know, we list only those outlets that have passed our (fairly high) expectations on taste, hygiene and popularity.

Here are the top three ways that you can engage with Talking Street.

Map Search

Out on the road, up for street food, but don’t know where to head to? Try the map search, which lets you locate outlets on Google maps, so that you can find favourite local outlets on the go!

Rating and Reviewing

Wouldn’t it be nice to find superlative local eateries in your locality on the basis of various reviews and ratings?

Find the ratings on the right side of the outlet page and different reviews on the bottom of the outlet page. Also, feel free to provide your reviews on the outlets you have visited or frequent – because your opinion matters to us, and the readers!

Suggesting Outlets

The main idea of Talking Street is to find the most popular local joints across cities and localities – the ones where the local foodies head ever so frequently. In fact all the eateries you find listed on the site have been recommended by foodies who are familiar with that part of the city.

We believe Talking Street is incomplete without your suggestions and we require your contribution to cover the must-visit outlets in each city!

If you know outlets/joints/carts that deserve a place in Talking Street based on the criteria mentioned above (we know you do!), please do send us a mail for the love of the best local eateries!

Whoa, that wasn’t tough, was it? Welcome aboard, fellow foodie!

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