The 5 most unique Street food joints in HSR Layout

HSR Layout is a part of Bangalore that has recently started developing and has fortunately stopped at the right time too. It has the feel of a big city and that of a cozy small town at the same time. Its character changes as the day passes and the street food joints are to thank for this. Food of all kinds can be found on the streets of HSR Layout. All you need is some time, willingness to walk the streets and ample tummy space to explore its character, by sampling the food.  So here are the 5 most interesting or unique street food joints in HSR Layout to help you do so.


Its common to see fried chicken and fish carts on the street side, but a Seekh Kabab cart in Bangalore? Now that’s refreshingly different! There is only one item on the menu – The Chicken Seekh Kabab that makes its presence felt by stimulating all the senses. The sight of the smoking kababs, the sound of them cooking, the smell that pulls you to the cart and most importantly, the taste of these succulent Kababs is something that any Non-veg lover would die for.
Ravi serves these Seekh kababs smoking hot, fresh off the grill allowing you to enjoy the entire experience.

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2. STEW & SIMMER (Parantha Cart)

With a lot of North Indians moving in to Bangalore, this Parantha cart is a delight for them as well as something new for the South Indians. The Paranthas are generously stuffed with a variety of vegetables or the traditional Bihari Sattu, which is one of the reasons for the crowd at this cart.

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This cart is something you wouldn’t know about unless you actually stumbled upon it while walking down this street. It is a very small cart that offers five kinds of hot soup everyday with the vegetable and mushroom soups being the most sought after. Vallarmati makes these soups herself and makes it a point to garnish them to enrich the soup with interesting flavours and textures. A perfect stop on a rainy evening.

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Although this stall looks like any other momo stall and even offers the same dish, his momos have been highly recommended by people. What’s great about these momos is that they are liberally stuffed with adequate quantities of different vegetables while maintaining a good balance of flavours. His Veg and Non-veg momos are equally good and picking one is quite difficult.

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It’s quite rare to see a street-side Sandwich stall in this part of Bangalore. And these sandwiches (and rolls) are made “Bombay style” thanks to Satish who wanted the Bangaloreans to taste what he learnt in Bombay over 10 years. He offers 50 items on a daily basis including the classics like Bread butter, some of his creations like Vegetable paneer Toast and some new ones like the chocolate sandwich. He proudly serves his dishes with an appealing garnish making the sandwiches even more interesting!

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BombaySandwich&Roll - Sandwich - HSR Layout - Bangalore

This is just the tip of the iceberg. HSR Layout has a lot more to offer and one needs to actually walk those streets and get eating to do justice to them!

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