The best of non-veg in Kolkata: Park Circus Food Trail

At a glance:The best of non-veg in Kolkata

  • SaiqaBeef bhuna, Laccha paratha, Beef halim, Firni
  • AfzaMutton Halim, Mutton Biriyani, Shahi Tukda
  • Shaina Chicken CornerChicken Changhezi, Chicken Roast, Roomali Roti
  • ZeeshanMutton halim, Reshmi kebab
  • ArsalanArsalan Special Chicken Biriyani, Butter Nun, Chicken Tikka Butter Masala
  • Jaiswal Sweets Kaju Barfi, Dhokla

Park Circus in Kolkata is a location that is very well known to all the foodies; it is a large locality that is known for it’s Muslim inhabitants and boasts of some of the best eateries in Kolkata. Most of the food joints here are small and have very little seating and yet they manage to attract a huge crowd. The roads that go left from Syed Amir Ali Avenue are dotted with small eating joints selling the best chicken and beef delicacies of the city. During the holy month of Ramzan, these eateries take on a festive hue and come alive as twilight comes knocking.

Consider Quest Mall to be the center while exploring the restaurants in and around this locality; the eateries are on either side of the mall. Both the roads have numerous permanent eateries as well as make-shifts stalls that are spring up during Ramzan, selling the best Halim and Laccha. Use this Park Circus food trail as a guide to the best eateries that must not be missed, along with recommendations on what to try there.

Park Circus

For beef-lovers, Saiqa is a dreamland. They make what-may-be the best beef kebabs in the whole of Kolkata.  The kebabs are soft, tender and perfectly spiced. Their laccha paratha, beef bhuna, handi chap and firni are absolutely delectable. Saiqa is located in the lane right opposite the Quest Mall. It is not very easily identifiable, and you will have to walk for about five minutes from Quest mall to find it on your left.

Known For: Beef bhuna, Laccha paratha, Beef halim, Firni

Beef Halim
Beef Kebab

Afza is very famous for its chicken roll (though rolls are not served during Ramzan). In addition, they serve some of the best mutton halim to be found across the city. Their biriyani is very well known tooThe restaurant is slightly expensive compared to the rest of the eateries, but the food served here is worth the markup. The Shahi tukda afzaa is a must-have dessert.

Known For: Mutton Halim, Mutton Biriyani, Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda Afza
Shaina Chicken Corner

Shaina Chicken Corner is located to the right of Quest Mall. The folks at Shaina claim that they serve the best Delhi-style chicken and that’s probably the truth. Their Chicken roast is a large-hearted portion of flavoursome, aromatic chicken marinated with just the right spices. Chicken changhezi is their specialty dish – cooked with a fine blend of homemade spices, it is served with a buttery gravy. For Ramzan, they prepare the most delicious Chicken and Mutton Halim.

Known For: Chicken Changhezi, Chicken Roast, Roomali Roti

Chicken Roast (Source:
Shaina Chicken Corner

When in Park Circus, one cannot afford to miss Zeeshan  (especially during Ramzan). This eatery is located on Syed Amir Ali Avenue and has a chain of takeaway outlets throughout the city. But the one standing in Park Circus is the oldest and the best. They are very popular for the variety of kebabs they serve. The “Zeeshan Mutton halim” is a specialty during the Ramzan season, and is juicy and delicious.

Known for: Mutton halim, Reshmi kebab

Zeeshan, Facade (Source:

Among the most well known eateries in Park Circus,  Arsalan is located at 7 Point Crossing, Amir Ali Avenue. It is known for its authentic Awadhi cuisine. The biryani prepared here has people lining up for it from across different corners of the city.

Apart from the all-time-favourite biryani, Arsalan also serves some sought after butter chicken and butter buns which come in huge proportions. Their mutton halim is slow cooked with an array of spices and is another flavorsome option.

Known for: Arsalan Special Chicken Biriyani, Butter Nun, Chicken Tikka Butter Masala

Arsalan, Facade (Source:
Arsalan Menu
Jaiswal Sweets

The best way to end any meal is by finishing it off with something sweet, and Jaiswal Sweets is the place to visit in Park Circus. It is very close to Saiqa and it specializes in typical Rajasthan sweets like Kaju barfi, and Besan laddoos. It also serves savoury snacks such as Dhokla, mathri etc.

Known For: Kaju Barfi, Dhokla

Array of Rajasthani sweets
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