Discover Goa: What to eat at a Goan fast food eatery

At a glance: What to eat and where

  • What to eat
    • Ras Omelet, Patal Bhaji, bhajjis and bondas, Juices and milkshakes
    • Xacuti with poey bread. Choose from Chicken, Shark, Prawn, Oyster or Mushroom. 
    • Chinese
  • Where to eat

If there’s one thing on the menu that you must try in Goa, it is their fast food and it should ideally be sampled at one of the many Goan Fast Food joints. That Goans love their food is no new knowledge. But who would have known that poey bread stuff with an omelet dunked in a flavourful chicken gravy and topped with fresh salad, could make for a sumptuous late evening snack. Well, that’s a Goan Ras Omelet for you. And this isn’t all. Read on for what else you must-try at any of the popular Goan fast food joints.

What they mean when they say Goan Fast Food

Ras Omelet
Ras Omelet
A fresh omelet covered in chicken xacuti served with stiff -on-the-outside, soft-inside poey bread. Or the omelet could be stuffed inside the bread and covered with curry and a salad, like this one.
Bhajjis / Bondas
Bhajjis / Bondas
Different stuffings such as capsicum, mirchis, aloo etc. make this crispy snacks irresistible.
Juices / Milkshakes
Juices / Milkshakes
Juices and milkshakes are the obvious choice of beverage given the weather but even among those, it is the avocado shake that gets the maximum hits.
Patal Bhaji
Patal Bhaji
Puris and a healthy potato and chickpea curry come together in a delightful combination called Patal Bhaji.
Chinese noodles, fried rice and gobi munchurian are part of the menu.
A spicy, flavourful curry that is an all time favourite. Variations include chicken, prawn, shark, mussels.

Fast food eateries suggested by our Goan friends

Saligao Deck, Saligao
Saligao Deck, SaligaoBest For: Capsicum Bhajji, Xacuti, Ras Omelet
Vishal's Goan Fast Food, Candolim
Vishal's Goan Fast Food, CandolimBest For: Xacuti, Ras Omelet, Chinese, Fish Thali
Sai Anant, Parra
Sai Anant, ParraBest For: Patal Bhaji, Xacuti, Ras Omelet, Juices, Chinese
Cafe Real, Panjim
Cafe Real, PanjimBest For: Vada Pav, Patal Bhaji, Puri Bhaji
Sainath Cold Drinks, Saligao
Sainath Cold Drinks, SaligaoBest For: Burgers, Chops, Juices, Milkshakes
Balaji Cold Drinks, Mapusa
Balaji Cold Drinks, MapusaBest For: Chaat, Patties, Rolls, Falooda, Juices
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