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Paddu, Chitranna (Lemon Rice), Avalakki Upittu

18th Cross Road, Govindaraja Nagar Ward, CHBS Layout, Stage 2, Vijayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040, India

Vijayanagar water tank is situated about 200m from the Vijayanagar main bus stop - towards Mano Vana. The Paddu stop is the first stall on the Vijayanagar Food Street - situated exactly behind the water tank.


This little cart with which the Vijayanagar food street begins sells in addition to fresh, smoking hot Paddus, Avalakki Upittu and Chitranna (lemon rice). The stall comes alive at around 4:00 PM everyday, and people are seen gathered around it moments after it opens. Started by a couple from Bangalore about two years ago, the three items that they serve here are all equally famous and there are customers who order them together most of the times! The onion and coconut chutneys served with all three dishes are equally well known.

Special Information

  • The Paddus made here are fresh and hot in batches.
  • The batter is prepared on a daily basis.
  • The Upittu and the Chitranna are claimed to have a taste close to that of Bangalore homes.
  • Part of the Vijayanagar Food Street.

Other information

Seating: Unavailable

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