The Talking Street Updates!

A typical Talking Street outing includes the following: Passionate Street Foodies who like to discover small, unique joints in a particular locality, their cameras because food and photography are so interlinked and their tummies that are constantly on the look-out to try good food.

A few weeks ago we went out for what was probably our first, big-group street food discovery outing, and was it fun! Street food (hyperlink) is a hangout or adda thing to do, it is best enjoyed with a group of friends joking, laughing and constantly pulling each others’ leg. And that exactly the agenda on this foodie trip to Mount Carmel College’s Loafer Lane .

A quick introduction to the crew at this TS Foodie Walk.

KirtiMeshram, a software developer by profession with a huge interest in food. Rupam, an experienced product manager and total foodie. Nimisha, a quiet foodie with a charming smile, who is currently interning with Talking Street. Surya, a final year student who is happiest behind a camera. And Prashant Krishna who likes to discover unique eateries and recording our chats with vendors.

This is the crew digging into Mini’s famous Mexican Chat at RR’s Blue Mount.

Much fun was had with Shyam, the owner of Bombay Sandwich, as we good-naturedly joked about him putting together Bombay Sandwiches without having been to Mumbai. Kirti, a mumbaikar constantly looking for Bombay street food in Bangalore, certified that the sandwich was as good as any in Mumbai.

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