Top 10 Street Food Joints in Koramangala

Koramangala is a large area with street food on almost every street. You will never fall short of quick bites from the streets while in the area. Always having more to offer than our appetite, Koramangala is studded with surprises that we hope to help out with through this list. Here are our Top 10 Street Food Joints in Koramangala (in no particular order).

1. Darjeeling Hot Momos

This stall looks like any other momo stall but has a lot more to offer. Sangeeta serves a wide variety of momos with different stuffings. Although there is only one Non-veg momo (chicken), which is also great, this stall is a treat for the vegetarians. There are four kinds of veg momos with a different stuffing in each, to add to that, they add natural colouring from vegetables to the dough to make them more appealing and nutritious.

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2. Mumbai Pav Bhaji

There are a lot of Mumbai inspired street food stalls here, but most of them are often bad copies of the original dish. But not Ranga Gowda’s. His Pav Bhaji is said to be as good as Mumbai chowpati. Now that really says something. He offers a few variants in the Pav Bhaji including Cheese Pav Bhaji, as well as Tawa Pulao, though it isn’t as popular as the famous Pav Bhaji.

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These stalls are quite rare in Bangalore and it’s amazing to find one. Santosh offers a number of dishes made with eggs including the classics like Bread Omelet, Egg Bhurji and some of his inventions like Fried Boiled Egg. He quickly and skilfully whips up the dish of your choice and serves it with an appetizing garnish.

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Its common to find Pani Puri stalls outside colleges, but this one really stands out. This Pani Puri could be the closest to North Indian Pani Puris you would find in Bangalore. There is almost always a crowd of students at his stall and you might have to wait a bit to get your share. But it’s definitely worth the wait.

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Rajasthani food is something we won’t even think of finding in Bangalore. This street side eatery makes up for the scarcity of Rajasthani food in the rest of the city, and its beauty lies in the simplicity of the food. Famous for its traditional Litti Chokha and Rajasthani thali, which are served on basic plates and furniture, people can enjoy the homely food without any distractions. They also serve amazing Paneer, Sattu and Matar Puris that are difficult to find anywhere in Bangalore.

A fresher in street food, Indy HOP serves an amazing variety of Pakodas in a nice cozy ambience with warm lighting and pretty interiors. They serve traditional North Indian Pakodas as well as South Indian variants like Bonda, Bhajji and Vada to cater to the local palate. Apart from this, they have Exotic creations of their own. The Jalapeno Cheese Poppers are a must try at this joint.

Koramangala has seen a lot of Tibetan street food emerge. This one has been around for a long time and continues to serve very authentic Tibetan food that isn’t that easy to find. It is a cute little place with a very friendly waiter who is ever ready to help you order. Their Thukpa and Chicken Shaptak (with a steamed bum called Ting-mo) is something they are really good at.

Coffee or rather kaapi is something an essential part of south Indian culture. Hatti Kappi celebrates everything to do with coffee, by offering it in different forms. From the quintessential filter kaapi to 8 different varieties of cold coffee (hazelnut is especially recommended), complete with the snacks that make it complete. Idli, Masala Bun, Peanut Bun, Samosa, Vada Pav and more recently even Mini Idlis and Vegetable rolls are some of the healthy snacks on offer here.

This shop sells not only Lassi, but also a variety of other shakes (including protein shakes), ice creams and smoothies. It is perpetually crowded with immense demand for almost everything on the menu. The place is very happening with music playing in the background, partly for the customers and mainly to pump up the ‘Lassi makers’ who seem to be having a great time while doing so.

Since momo stalls are everywhere, there had to be more than one in this list. Uday and Rinku (the son and daughter of Sangeeta from Darjeeling Hot Momos) serve momos with soup to make their stall different from the others. The momos go very well with the soothing, clear soup that they prepare themselves. The subtle flavours compliment the momos very well and would make a great dish on a winter day.

There is still a lot more street food to be covered in this part of Bangalore, so help us out and let us know your favourite street food joints in Koramangala.

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