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Mudho Idli, Kanchipuram idli

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Oondhi Idli, Filter Coffee

Mumbai Matunga CR
Maneklal Mansion, Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Rd, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019, India

Udipi Idli House in Matunga, Mumbai, is a South-Indian restaurant known for traditional, home-style idlis at a very reasonable price of 18-28 rs. Just!! The idlis served here are freshly steamed and served piping hot. Mudho Idli (steamed in kewra leaves), Oondi Idli (with freshly grated coconut) and Khotto Idli (cone-shaped idlis prepared with jack-fruit leaves), with their appetizing chutneys and rasam, are the most loved items of this Idli House. The other recommended dishes here are dry fruit-enriched Kanchipuram Idli, Kakdi Idli and Idli Upma with a cup of filter coffee.

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Seating: Available

Phone : 022-24012422

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