Vijayanagar Thindi Beedhi: Exploring the Food Streets of Bangalore

Green, serene, secluded yet connected, this purely residential has a lot to offer in terms of street food – most of which is not much known. Very few people, a handful in fact, know about the little food street behind the Vijayanagar Water Tank, located further down the Vijayanagar Bus Depot. The Vijayanagar Thindi Beedhi as it is better called here is a by-lane that stretches about 300 to 400m, with small carts of blue or other colours of different kinds of street food on one side and with a temple and ‘pukka’ street food outlets on the other. Be it South Indian, Chinese, North Indian or Indo-Chinese, there’s something for everybody here. What you are most likely to see when you are there is groups of people – families and friends, of all age groups – some of them walking out of the temple, some in their bikes, and some in their running shoes and Pajamas – ordering and enjoying street food of their choice with laughter and fun filled conversations on all things trivial. .

With batches of Paddus being made fresh and served continuously, this cart is the first one on the food street. Although the Paddus are the fastest sell out, the Chitranna and the Avalakki Upittu that they serve are equally famous. It is the only cart of its kind on the street. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to know what real Karnataka style household light eats taste like. Here is the perfect start to a perfect street food spree.

This cart serves everything Manchurian! Gobi, Gobi Cabbage, Paneer, Baby Corn, Mushroom, Mushroom Chilli, and even Palak Gobi, this one is hard to miss. Located right next to the Paddu Cart, the scent of the Manchurian being fried with the sauce is sure to lure you here. The Palak Manchurian and the Gobi Rice (Rice with Gobi Manchurian) are worth a try here.

Famous for its Idlis, this little cart sells many kinds of Bhajjis as well. Idlis here are made in three different sizes – the Thatte Idli that resembles a pie the size of a big palm; the normal Idli; and the mini coin like Chikku Idlis, called mini idlis or the baby idlis too. A plate of Idli with their Chutney is perfect for an evening light meal. The Bhajjis they serve include Mirchi Bhajji, Raw Banana Bhajji, Uddin Vade (Urad Dal Vade) and so on.

Located exactly opposite to the Ganapathi temple, here is a Dosa cart you should not miss – for the view of delicious, crisp Dosas being made, and for the taste of it. No, this is not one of the 99 variety Dosa carts. It’s a simple tiffin cart that sells simple Dosa, Masala Dosa, Set Dosa, Puri Sagu and a lot Bhajjis and Bondas. A thing to note is the red chutney that lines the inner side of the Dosa, it makes itself stand out amidst the Alu Masala and the chutney that the Dosa comes with.

This cart serving Pav Bhajis, samosas and jalebis stands opposite to the Ganapathi temple as well. A sure sight here is the chef of this cart changing the Jalebi Kadai and the Pav Bhaji pan on a regular basis – every 5 minutes or so. 250g to 300g Jalebi packs are frequent parcel orders here – with most people ordering all three items at the same time! Even though the Pav Bhaji is not very well known, the Jalebi and the samosa most certainly are, and are a must try.

This one’s great street-side Roti place for a light family dinner. Located on the side of the road that has the ‘pukka’ shops, this one is about two shops away from the Ganapathi Temple. It was started a year ago by Mr Babu who hails from Madikeri, Coorg; and is famous for the Roti Curry Combo, Tandoori Roti, Kulcha, Naan, Rumali Roti and so on. They have a Tandoor oven at a corner of the outlet in which they make fresh Rotis and Naans and Kulchas. With plastic stools spread out in front of the outlet, for a wholesome take-away or an eat out, this is the right place.

This one stands at the very end of the ‘Pukka’ side of the Vijayanagar food street. Started about a year ago, Roll Khazana doesn’t serve just rolls but Momos and other Indo-chinese items too. The momos are the most well known items on the menu, with groups of people ordering plates of momos on a continuous basis. They are also famous for their Gobi Manchurian, Paneer Roll, Schezwan Fried rice.

Finally, here’s a place that your nutrition specialist would want you to be in – little cart exclusive for fruit salads, Gulkhan, and Ice cream! With cups of salad made consisting of pieces of orange, grape, apple, papaya, watermelon, banana, dates, and a little cherry on the top (literally!), this place is hard to resist, especially when there are things like fruit salad with ice cream and fruit salad with ice cream and gulkhan on the menu! Well, how about a healthy street style end to a wonderful street food spree with a bowl of chopped fruits?

This is the list of what we thought to be some of the best joints to make a perfect street food spree in the Vijayanagar food street. If you think that there are other outlets on the street that deserve a place here, please let us know by suggesting the outlets here, or write to us at! Note: Click on the name of each of the outlets for more information on them.

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