12 Must-eat Dishes at a Durga Puja Pandal

It’s that time of the year when everyone is welcoming Goddess Durga into their homes, donning new clothes, stepping out for Pandal hopping with friends and family, and generally making merry. Festivity is in the air and hardly anyone can miss the joyous spirit that Durga Puja brings, especially in Kolkata.

The Puja Pandals are a hub of activity with everyone walking in and out, admiring the creativity and craftsmanship and offering their devotion. And of course, eating. Especially in Bangalore, where each of the Pandals (this is a list of the more popular ones) comes with its own set of food stalls and bhog, the prasad or offering, which is then served to all.

Even if you are not Bengali, it is worth going to these pandals to experience the spirit of the festival. Best if you can find some Bengali friends to tag along with, or just find a bunch of like-minded people and visit the nearest pandal to get a flavor of what the excitement is all about.

To help you decide what to eat, here’s a quick list:


1.Luchi Alur Dum

A typical Bengali celebration meal consists of their version of puris called luchis, served with a usually delicious Alur Dum. Look for stalls that are frying the luchis fresh so that you get inviting, fluffed up, crisp luchis.


2.Kosha Mangsho and Luchi

A flavourful mutton gravy served with luchis, this is the non-veg version of the LuchiAlur Dum.


A Bengali curry made with dried peas that is served on its own as a snack. This mildly spiced, tangy curry is a healthy option (were you looking for one?) and comes garnished with freshly cut onions and lots of coriander leaves.

4.Bengali Veg Cutlets

Every seen beetroot red cutlets with crunchy peanuts? Nowhere except in Bengal and we can vouch for their delicious uniqueness. Made with potatoes, carrots, beetroots and peanuts, these are a must-try. Ask for some kashundi, a version of mustard sauce that will have you hooked,to go with it.

5.Deemer Devil

Deem is egg in Bengali. This is a cutlet with an unbroken boiled egg layered with a spicy potato mash and then deep-fried. Very unique, it should make it to the should-try list if you like eggs.



A samosa with a mildly spiced potato stuffing, which includes peanuts again. Much lighter on the palate than its North-indian version.


Of all varieties. The Egg Chicken and Egg Mutton rolls are the Bengali favourites but egg rolls, paneer rolls and vegetables rolls are also available and equally scrumptious. Ensure that they are stuffed well and served hot.


These are usually served stuffed into rolls but also available on their own. The Mutton Seekh and Chicken Seekh kababs are usually popular.


Needs no introduction obviously. The Mutton Biryani stall is where you’ll find most heading.

Source: foodnculture.com

10.Fish Fry

Needs no introduction obviously. The Mutton Biryani stall is where you’ll find most heading.

Source: www.myjhola.in

11.Chingri Malai Curry

Needs no introduction obviously. The Mutton Biryani stall is where you’ll find most heading.



Especially try the patishapta– a pancake, stuffed with a khoyasweet such as kalakand and rolled up. Irresistible! The malpuasare good in some stalls. And the rasogullas don’t need a mention, but they aren’t good everywhere.

For a list of the Durga Puja Pandals in Bangalore, this festive season, check the link below.


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